SimpleREV: Simplicity Your Way, at Your Speed, with Your People

SimpleREV: Simplicity Your Way, at Your Speed, With Your People


I founded SimpleREV in 2013, but our movement is unified around one unwavering belief that we all have a decision to make.

Either we let hyper-consumerism and mindlessness march us into a giant hole … or we intentionally pursue simple-living together – and help others do the same.

Whether you're just waking up to the possibilities of simplifying your life or have been a meditator, yogi, or minimalist for years, we invite you to join us on our collective journey to make the simple, sustainable choice the default one.

If you want to know whether SimpleREV is a great fit for you, there are twelve core statements that define our community and how we’re influencing the world.

This SimpleREV Declaration has already been embraced by thousands across the globe and we couldn't be happier about it.

The SimpleREV Declaration

The SimpleREV Declaration

Are you revved up yet? If so, there are a few core ways that you can get involved.

SimpleREV Local Gatherings

SimpleREV Local Atlanta

SimpleREV Local gatherings are free, intimate, and recurring community groups across the world that are helping fellow locals on a simple-living path.

We know how isolated, detached, or helpless someone can feel when they're the only “weirdo tiny house person,” “crazy declutterer,” or “strange permaculturist” in their area.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can feel a true sense of belonging, too.

Press play on the short video below, or watch on YouTube, and see what a SimpleREV Local gathering at the crossroads of simplicity and community can look and feel like.

We're ready for you when you're ready for us. So come connect with intentional, grateful, and down-right fun people in your local community.

“As I continue to pursue an intentional life, I’m grateful to create and be in such a supportive environment for it. By hosting SimpleREV Local gatherings and participating in them with my wife, we’ve found an incredible community of like-minded people with similar goals. The encouraging discussion and support constantly helps us continue our minimalist lifestyle and keep us on track.”

Anthony Ongaro

SimpleREV Local Host and Creator of Break the Twitch

International SimpleREV Events

SimpleREV 2015 Participants

Imagine this: it’s early October in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Fifty-five inspiring simple-living enthusiasts are gathered for two days of deep connecting, intimate workshops, and all the hugs or high-fives anyone can handle. Authentic stories and nourishing friendships flow like the mighty Mississippi just down the road.

That’s exactly what happened in 2014 and 2015 … and could happen for you at our annual SimpleREV events.

Join the inspired people subscribed to our newsletter and be notified first about your chance at a life-changing ticket to our events. Folks like Joshua Becker, Courtney Carver, Marc and Angel Chernoff, Farnoosh Brock, Charlie Gilkey, and Patrick Rhone have all played prominent roles – and we hope you will, too.

“SimpleREV 2015 left me stronger, more informed, and more excited about life than I ever have been! Honestly, it was the best weekend of my life so far.”

Michelle Brooke Barry

SimpleREV 2015 Participant

You can also dip your toes in our warm waters when you check out our event pictures or watch some of the engaging workshops and talks from previous events.

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