Your Starter's Guide to Joel Zaslofsky

Your Starter's Guide to Joel Zaslofsky

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Well hello, there! And welcome.

I'm Joel Zaslofsky – the intentional, grateful, and fun-loving creator of (imagine that, huh?).

Do you dig simple-living like Bugs Bunny digs carrots? Are you fascinated by community-building and the amazing sense of belonging it creates? Do you get stoked to make an unconventional impact with quirky, like-minded people?

This page is for you if you're new to me, the work I do, and what lights me up.

So whoever you are and whatever you do, here's your express pass to learn if we're the kind of fit that makes us say, “Sweet sassy molassy!”

The Funky Overview of a Groovy Guy

First of all, I'm weird. (It's nice to establish these things right away).

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My favorite currencies are smiles, hugs, and authentic conversation. I love pay-what-you-can models, but I prefer giving away my best stuff to you.

I have a diversity of interests, passions, and skills – also known as being a “multipotentialite” – and, although my focus may shift between topics and mediums, you can always expect help with some core human needs:

Simplify Your Life

We'll explore gratitude rituals, the slow side of life, and intentional living together (among other things). For example, I interview experts and normal folks like you and me about simple-living journeys on my popular podcast, Smart and Simple Matters, which has over 20,000 monthly downloads in 135 countries.

Community: for a True Sense of Belonging

From our neighborhoods to our global community, we'll discover what it's like to truly belong to something significant.

If you're a multipotentialite or feel isolated, detached, or eager to be among “your people,” you're invited to join hundreds of global puttypeep in the Puttytribe. It's support + inspiration for serious multipotentialites.

Meaning: for Being and Doing What Matters

Why am I so stoked about minimalism, parenting, or spreadsheets? Why are you into mindfulness, diverse interests, or avoiding the feeling that you were just shot out of a cannon?

It's because our passions and values are deeply meaningful to us. So let's determine how and why we become fulfilled through, for instance, a mindset to use 0.1% of your time adding value to the other 99.9%.

Experience Curating is one way and we'll collectively find more purpose with less work and less stuff.

Connecting: the Antidote to Isolation and Helplessness

Maybe you're an extrovert like me that connects people to each other. Or perhaps you're an introvert that would rather connect the idea dots. Either way, we all win when we make the connections that nobody else can.

My friends say that I'm a master connector – to resources, a higher purpose, and fellow humans – so I'm here to help you generously and authentically unite your gifts with your needs.

Generosity's Standard and Reciprocity's Optional

For the low, low cost of Absolutely Free, I'll help you simplify almost any part of your life (shoe closets not included). You'll have better relationships, find a new sense of belonging through community, and learn nerdy things that make you say, “Hot diggity! I'm awesome at the unsexy side of life!”

If you're hungry for a big ol' mental meal and are tired of the bite-sized bits from our feel good, do nothing Internet era, join thousands of like-minded people who listen to the Smart and Simple Matters podcast.

“I love that Joel leads with his heart. He cares about people first, which makes everything he does so meaningful in his work and for his community.” Courtney Carver

Founder of Be More with Less and Project 333

Oh, Cool. You Want More.

Is this doing good together thing resonating with you? Well then, you're invited to get social with me on Twitter or listen to my nifty podcast episodes on iTunes.

Smart and Simple Matters Podcast Available on iTunes

If you'd rather keep our connection quiet for now, feel free to learn more on my About page or contact me directly.

One More Thing: Why I'm Grateful for You

Picture of Why I'm Grateful for You

I'm grateful for dark chocolate and frozen lakes, but I'm more stoked about our journey together.

Your time and attention are precious. So I'm here for you, if you're here for me. As a friend. As a peer. As we guide each other through the struggles and celebrations of life.

You aren’t just a statistic or a downloader to me. You’re a part of the J-to-the-Z community now and I value you. Let's use our influence to help others simplify through slowness, become more generous, embrace our many facets, and get schuper-duper real, too.

Word up (or peace and humptiness if you prefer)!

Hi! I'm Joel Zaslofsky.

Joel ZaslofskyI help create community, podcast about groovy things, and get you excited about spreadsheets. Learn more about me and how to live intentionally, build authentic relationships, and have tons of gratitude. No prior experience is required.


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