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I'm torn.

On the one hand, I want to bring you – an awesome member of this Value of Simple community – along for the SimpleREV ride.

SimpleREV 2014, and the movement we're building around it, is the biggest and most meaningful project I've been involved in. It seems natural to cover it here (especially since I don't hold back on any of my other projects).

On the other hand, we have a separate SimpleREV brand, website, email newsletter, social media profiles, and so on. If you want SimpleREV grooviness, you can have it.

But … I haven't made it easy for you to understand why you would dig being a part of the SimpleREV community too. Since announcing my SimpleREV vision in November 2013, I've had only one blog post update and one SASM episode dedicated to SimpleREV.

That's not exactly keeping you in the loop (or even getting you into the loop).

So, as a friend and curator, I feel like I owe you some SimpleREV highlights to date. Don't skip anything if you want maximum levels of schweetness.

Our Declaration to the World: SimpleREV Style

You know that Value of Simple Declaration I have plastered all over this website?

Well, the SimpleREV community decided that we needed a declaration too.

It took months of surveys, feedback from trusted allies, and an amazing graphic designer (hat tip to Sarah Sheets of Peak Team Design), but another declaration to the world is available.

The SimpleREV Declaration

The goal is to make you say, “Heck yes!” or “Oh, heck no!” within ten seconds. This SimpleREV Declaration has been our best filter to bring in the right kind of people and let others find something else to believe in.

Power, compassion, and beauty, all in a great package. Speaking of those wonderful things …

Our Booming Project: What Simple Living Means to Me

My SimpleREV co-founder, Dan Hayes, and I started an experiment back in May.

What would happen if we asked people to publicly show us what their unique version of simple living looks and feels like?

Value of SimpleREV hall-of-famer, Ethan Waldman, kicked off the project with a great video of his tiny house lifestyle.

Although I hate to play favorites – because almost all the images and videos have been stellar – my favorite contribution so far is Brooke McAlary's.

Don't see a video above? Click here to watch it on YouTube.

I get goosebumps in the first ten seconds. Every. Single. Time.

Why not play the short video now and tell me in the comments how it affected you? You might even be inspired to contribute your own ‘What Simple Living Means to Me' image or video.

The Podcast: All Things SimpleREV

All Things SimpleREVLike many good things that have come out of SimpleREV, Dan casually asked me a while back, “What if … ”

Puzzled, I replied, “What if … what, Dan?”

He then said, “What if we did a limited run podcast to give people all the ins and outs of SimpleREV? We'd co-host it and I could do most of the show prep, editing, show notes, and … ”

I cut him off to reply, “Done!” You had me at ‘podcast' and ‘I would do most of the work.'”

It's a few months later and we just published All Things SimpleREV episode eight. I'd say we're starting to hit our stride. Wouldn't you?

The show is a mix of interviews (Joshua Becker or Mike Vardy, anyone?) and topics that Dan or I hand-pick (why “free and easy” make it hard to live simply, anyone?).

It's fun. We're feelin' the love from SimpleREVers. And I've learned a ton about podcasting from a master, Mr. Hayes.

But Wait. There's More …

Alright. So far, we have the SimpleREV Declaration, our ‘What Simple Living Means to Me' project, and the All Things SimpleREV podcast.

Maybe those aren't your thing or maybe you're ready for more. Consider this an easy way to see where else the SimpleREV community hangs out:

  • The email newsletter. It's chalk full of tools and connections to build an intentional simple living community from the local to the global level.
  • Twitter. Andrea Imsdahl stars as our social media champion and she keeps the action hoppin'.
  • Facebook. Maybe you like pages. Maybe you like groups. We have both (and both have great people for you to connect with).
  • Flickr. This is where we stash our ‘What Simple Living Means to Me' images or our ‘I Need Simple Because … ” ticket giveaway pictures. You'll also find the official upcoming SimpleREV 2014 event pictures here.

All these places, projects, and people are nice. But it still seems like there's something missing.

Oh Yeah. You're Not Coming to SimpleREV 2014 (Yet).

As of September 4, 2014, we have forty-seven simple living enthusiasts just waiting to descend on downtown Minneapolis on October 3-4.

Will you join us too?

You'll have two days to deeply connect with your fellow simplifiers. You'll get to learn new skills in intimate workshops, hear our motivational REV Talks, and perhaps share your story with the rest of the crew.

You'll also see me attempt an “Offers and Needs Market” on Saturday morning, which has an equal chance to be transformational or disastrous.

Dan and I – plus some of the finest simple living advocates in North America – want your ideas, energy, and unique resources there.

Click here to get your ticket to the first-ever SimpleREV 2014 and get those fingerprints all over us. After all, I'd like to highlight you in my next SimpleREV post.


P.S. The hugs will be free and free-flowing. We have plenty of high-fives or handshakes for you if that's more your speed.