Facilitation in Small Groups: How to Have More Influence and Action with Less Stress and Conflict – SASM 130

This special solo episode features how to kick start any conversation, keep it humming, and leave people buzzing. Plus, how to have influence without the need for power or control and the key qualities of great facilitators.

My 12 Favorite Podcast Episodes Ever – SASM 128

This special solo episode features what wins the water wars: distilled, reverse osmosis, tap, or spring water. Plus why your light environment is more important than food, exercise, and sleep. AND how grief is culturally learned and when empathy isn’t serving anyone.

Dear Isolated, Detached, and Helpless Individual – SASM 126

This special solo episode features what the loneliness industry is rubbing your nose in (often successfully), some eye-opening stats about how much our isolation costs us, and what the President of the Rugged Individualists Society needs you to know.

How to Give a Great Hug – SASM 122

This special solo episode features the subtle similarities and wild differences in how cultures greet each other, how to telegraph your hugging intentions to help your fellow huggers, how long your hug should last (and how to relax into it), plus much more.

Why I Vanished and What’s Next for the Show – SASM 118

This special solo episode features where I’ve been on my podcasting break and what’s coming up now that the show is revived.

Why and How to Run an Offers and Needs Market – SASM 112

This special solo episode features five simple, powerful benefits of an Offers and Needs Market, why your friends, family, and neighbors are counting on you to own your gifts, and how to elevate your own and other people’s gifts.

Dear Mindless, Busy Consumer and Buyer of Fleeting Joy – SASM 110

This special solo episode features what the food industry is rubbing your nose in (often successfully), what Citizens against Quiet, Idle Hands, and Saving needs you to know, and some eye-opening stats about how much stuff Americans actually own.

Social Security vs. social security – SASM 106

This special solo episode features why and when social security is more important than Social Security, the history of Social Security and how the word “social” got attached to it, and why your social capital is literally keeping you alive.

Practice Dying to Live Better – SASM 103

This special solo episode features how to transcend our hard-wired fear of death and dying, the step-by-step process of how I practice dying, and what finally shattered the emotional walls between my pal Sal and his father.

6 Key Community Conversations and the Questions That Transform Them – SASM 100

This special solo episode features why community becomes a bigger deal the more you don’t have it, the 3 qualities of a great question for any community setting, and which of the 6 crucial conversations you need to have in your community.

Why Deleting 90.44% of My Best Music Made Me Feel Super – SASM 094

This special solo episode features what artists influenced my youth – and that I’m now disowning, attributes of the 26 songs I kept (and the 246 I deleted), and how to reassess what experiences you invite into your life.

Why JoelZaslofsky.com Is Our New Home for Simplicity, Community, and All Things Groovy – SASM 091

This special solo episode features my new vision of how I contribute best to your life, why my favorite currencies are hugs, smiles, and authentic chats, and why I made the big move from Value of Simple to JoelZaslofsky.com.

How 241 Post It Notes, Candid Stories, and Huggr Power Changed 55 Folks (#SimpleREV 2015 Recap) – SASM086

SimpleREV 2015 brought 55 simple-living enthusiasts together and the impact was big. Discover why we loved sticking 241 Post It Notes on a wall (and what we did with them), how one small clothes donation quickly changed a family’s life, why you can’t get a positive answer from a negative question, and the #1 thing that our participants wanted at SimpleREV 2015.

How Rich I Am, What Angers Me, and the Mess I’m Withholding from You – SASM 081

Discover just how freakin’ rich I am, what pisses me off, why I’m so scared of you listening to this episode, how I’ve wronged my dogs, why SimpleREV makes me feel like an entitled parent (or spoiled brat), and who I was, am, and want to be – truly and completely.

From Desperately Lost to Intentionally Found: 5 Years of Striking Personal Renaissance Highs (and a Few Lows) – SASM 072

You’re invited to celebrate Joel’s five-year personal renaissance anniversary with a special podcast episode about some crazy experiments, the most amazing communities, resources in the “Refuge of Simplicity,” and wild speculation about the next five years.

How to Create Power, Intention, and Focus with Morning Rituals – SASM 068

Do you know the misunderstood – but essential – difference between routine and rituals? What do morning rituals have to do with sharing my complete, unedited, and previously private daily promises? You’re about to get some answers … and learn even more (like why maintenance is for gardens and machines, not humans.)

5 Simple Tips to Shift from “Go! Go! Go!” to “Slow, Slow, Slow” – SASM 066

What are the surprising social norms of the most intentional, grateful, and inspiring people? Why is simplicity ready for you – right here and right now? Get answers to these questions and other practical, counter-intuitive tips like the “simplify by being a jerk” principle and how to reduce the stress of texts, tweets, blips, and bleeps.

Why World Domination Summit Has More Magic than 100 Unicorns (#WDS2014 Recap) – SASM054

This episode features Joel Zaslofsky’s curated recap of World Domination Summit 2014 (#WDS2014). Are you ready for surprising stories about “The Strider,” why you need to learn the value of Ho’oponopono, and how imperfect action leads to amazing opportunity? Just press play.

SASM 050 – A Curated Recap of Episodes 1-49

This episode features Joel Zaslofsky giving a curated recap of the first 49 Smart and Simple Matters episodes. Hold on to your hats (and headphones)!

SASM 042 – Experience Curating, Part 2: The FAOCAS Framework and Tools

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features Joel Zaslofsky and Experience Curating. He explores who really owns your social media experiences, why his framework is descriptive (and not prescriptive), the simplicity of the “Everywhere Doctrine,” and more.