The Continuous Creation Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of common questions I get asked about the Continuous Creation Challenge (CCC). And whenever something comes up a few times, it goes on this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Contact me with a suggestion if you don't see something covered that you think should be. I love hearing from people with awesome tips to make my resources even better!

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Q: What's a Continuous Creation Challenge?

A: A Continuous Creation Challenge (CCC) is a period of time where you shift all your energy from the many forms of consumption into channeled creation. There's huge flexibility in your planning and doing of the Continuous Creation Challenge – including how long, when, what projects to create, and what consumption to eliminate – but it's disruptive enough to open your eyes on what could be possible. In other words, it turns your experiences into things that happen by you instead of to you.

Q: Do I have to or should I do my CCC like you or someone else?

A: Absolutely not! This framework is for you to customize and make unique. There is no “right” way to do a CCC and yours should look original since there are so many fun variables to account for.

Q: What “counts” as a CCC?

A: That's totally up to you and there are no “official” requirements to complete for a CCC to “count” or be a “success.” Sorry for all the “quotes,” but even if the “results” don't look like what you expected, just completing a CCC within your unique parameters is a big win.

Q: Is sex a form of consumption and can/should I do it during a CCC?

A: Umm… that one's totally up to you as well. I consider sex a form of expression and creation (possibly literally), but you should decide for yourself. Just do me a favor and name any boys you conceive during your challenge Joel. I'd be honored.


Q: Who came up with the concept of the CCC?

A: I did (Joel Zaslofsky).


Q: How does this CCC thing work?

A: There are a few steps in the planning and doing process. Basically, you plan some creative projects and/or decide to be spontaneous, choose the types of consumption to eliminate, pick a length of time, plan the specific day(s) you'll do it, and then rock it.

Q: How can I plan my own CCC?

A: Use the tools in the resource kit.

Q: How have other people done their CCC?

A: Click here for a page dedicated to the awesome people who have shared their CCC experiences with us.

Q: I want to do a CCC but I'm worried people will think I'm crazy. How can I get others to not think I'm insane for doing this?

A: You probably can't. Have fun with this, embrace it, make it a joke, and know that you're giving yourself a gift even if nobody else understands what that is or means.

Q: How can I stay disciplined to create and not consume the things I said I wouldn't during my CCC?

A: Having an accountability buddy or team can help. If you struggle with Internet related consumption, literally cut off your power source or use one of many websites/tools to block off the Internet or specific sites for a period of time. Turn your phone off or set it to silent, arrange for someone else to care for your needy pets, and get creative.


Q: Why does the Continuous Creation Challenge exist?

A: I used to spend most of my time consuming (serious bummer, I know). So I decided to experiment with non-stop creation for seventy-two hours in April 2012 and it blew my freakin' mind! Then, in September 2012, I roped other people into trying their own version of a Continuous Creation Challenge.

They reported that it was self-awareness raising, inspiring, invigorating, unsettling (in a good way), and other groovy things. It was then I knew this CCC thing had legs and that other people should or needed to do it … for their benefit and to help everyone else around them.

For the full story, check out my podcast dedicated to the CCC or read the complete origin story.


Q: Where can I learn more about you, Joel?

A: The best place to learn about me is the About page, reading “My Story,” or checking out my Personal User Guide.


Q: I have physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual health issues with [fill in the blank] or without [fill in the blank]. Do I have to try to eliminate stuff that might cause problems with my known issues?

A: No! Please, please, pretty please… no. The challenge should feel difficult in some ways and disruptive, but never compromise your health or jeopardize any known issues you may have. That means honoring your need for sleep, fluids (e.g. water/tea/coffee), and/or food.