My Freelance Work: Project Management, Small Biz Operations, Events, and More

My Freelance Work: Project Management, Small Biz Ops, Events, and More

Do you need someone dedicated, fun-loving, and crazy detailed for that awesome project you have cooking?

That rare someone who acts like they're just as invested in your work and success as you are?

As a multipotentialite – someone with a diversity of passions, skills, and experiences – I've been known to do a number of things darn well.

Back in my corporate days, I ran a department's operations to move billions of dollars around the world every day. Later on, I was a hybrid Project Manager/Business Analyst creating the strategy and managing the implementation teams for new technology used by 10,000 employees.

These days, I'm more likely to work with smaller groups as a freelance project manager, behind-the-scenes systems and process guy, or facilitate conversions in a variety of ways.

You're invited to explore how I might help you – and perhaps team up when we get the right fit.

Project Management

Whether it's project managing a small team in a spreadsheet or time sensitive, highly public work with Trello, this is one thing I was born to do.

“There are many project managers out there, but few are as gifted as Joel. I trusted him with a highly complex info-product project involving multiple stakeholders in multiple time zones producing mixed-media deliverables. Despite the challenges, the project went smoothly and launched successfully thanks in large part to Joel's devotion and skill. And I look forward to hiring him again the next time I have something worthy of his talents and drive for great results.”

Matt Gartland

Winning Edits

I've been plugged in at all stages and sizes of projects and can handle just about anything like:

  • Creating or consulting on the initial project plan to help you get full buy-in from all stakeholders.
  • Managing the timeline, scope, and budget so (for example) your graphic designer and copy writer never lose track of each other's needs and deadlines … or the big project picture.
  • Organizing written or verbal status reports, strategy sessions, and making sure that what the team commits to gets documented, tracked, and done.
  • Being the smiling kick-in-the-pants you and your team need to do your best work and actually enjoy the process.

Some of my recent projects include the FoodTruckr Food Truck Growth Kit, two multi-day, international SimpleREV events in Minneapolis, MN, and project management / business analyst / lead testing the Puttytribe's next generation website.

Digital or physical, large or small, tech-heavy or people-centric – I'm willing to take on the right project and push the boundaries of what it means to be a project manager.

Systems and Operations

Do you ever wonder how all those systems, processes, and procedure flows mesh together? Do you ponder how the technical and practical integration between some separate systems might actually work?

I do – all the time. In fact, I'm fascinated by the union and long-term support of a business's people, technology, and who they serve.

"Joel’s brilliant at seeing the big picture and dealing with life’s finer points. He’s an authentic guy with deep passion and compassion ... who also happens to be incredible as our Puttytribe Connections and Operations Officer."

Emilie Wapnick

Master Multipotentialite and Popular TED Speaker

I've run the Puttytribe's trifecta of systems, operations, and administration since 2016. Integrating and maintaining four separate open-source systems isn't easy, especially in a global community with diverse needs and expectations.

Day in and day out, I'm in charge of onboarding new members, refining the processes that keep my teammates happy, making sure member retention stays high, and having fun in nerdy spreadsheets.

Back in my corporate days, I was the guy they asked to chase the flow of data downstream from one system to another until I finally discovered why that weird information was being added to millions of clients' financial statements.

So let's talk if you're struggling with the back-end of your business or the crossroads of your people and technology.

Events: Hosting, Workshops, Speaking, and Design

If you're so over the typical event format, conversations, and activities, I may be your guy.

I've personally designed, co-organized, and co-hosted sixty-person, two day SimpleREV events and I'm eager for more unconventional event experiences.

“SimpleREV 2015 left me stronger, more informed, and more excited about life than I ever have been! Honestly, it was the best weekend of my life so far.”

Felix Barry

SimpleREV Event Participant

Are you:

  • An event planner who needs a facilitator to gracefully redirect conversation hijackers, keep the action on-time without being a buzzkill, and make those shy folks feel like they belong, too?
  • An event or meeting organizer who wants a highly interactive workshop about community-building, systematizing your life, curating (with or without spreadsheets), or something else that's up our mutual alleys?
  • A community animator who's desperate for someone to design an environment where all voices can be authentically shared?

Then check out how I can help you design or host your next event … and maybe even directly contribute to your participants as well.

The Other Stuff

As the Cat in the Hat once said, “But that is not all. Oh, no. That is not all.”

There are some other ways I could help you if you need it. For example:

  • A Quality Control guy who excels in finding the bugs in your website, software, or app so your clients don't frustratingly find them for you.
  • An Excel spreadsheet fanatic to set up a curating system to easily filter, organize, and access a group of important experiences (a.k.a. Experience Curating).

If these ideas seem like something you need – or you have something else you believe I could handle for you – we can explore that, too.

Want to Connect With Me First?

See my Contact Page for more details about how to connect with me.

Me, Briefly

I bring together diverse communities, podcast about smart and simple matters, and get you excited about spreadsheets. Let's explore how to live intentionally, embrace our multipotentiality, build authentic relationships, and have tons of gratitude. No prior experience is required.