I frequently think about why people wait until “The Holidays” to buy the things they need. Or to purchase gifts for others.

That used to make sense before my personal renaissance. But now?

I just don't get it.

Because now, I express gratitude every day and do things to benefit everyone around me… regardless of the calendar or what social norms enforce.

So there's one thing you need to know today:

I'm grateful for you.

I'm thankful for the role you've played in the growth at Value of Simple. I seriously can't (or wouldn't want to) crank out all this value without your help!

All your tweets, comments, iTunes reviews, emails, and subscriptions are noticed and appreciated.

So for the next 48 hours, I want to show you just how grateful I am.

It's the first – and potentially the last…

Pay What You Can for Start Investing with $100, The Digital Launch Playbook, and Unsexy System Sessions

Some people do a pay what you can promo on their birthday. That's cool, because then it's happy birthday everyone!


I experiment just because I can or because I want to see what will happen. Like I said, I don't care what season it is, what the calendar reads, or whether I “should” be doing something based on a certain trigger.

What I do care about is breaking down barriers that stop you from realizing your full awesomeness.

Second Harvest HeartlandYou know what else I care about?

Donating a giant chunk-o-change to the Value of Simple Partner charity, Second Harvest Heartland.

I always donate 5% of my business pre-tax income to Second Harvest Heartland.

But during this pay what you can promo, I'm donating 20% of all transactions to our seriously awesome partner charity! This is your limited opportunity to have QUADRUPLE the impact.

For the next 48 hours – you can make a huge impact for people who often go hungry… and get some amazing products and services in the process.

Here's how this “pay what you can” promotion works:

  1. Leave a comment on this post – or send an email to joel@valueofsimple.com – and tell me what price you'd pay for Start Investing with $100, The Digital Launch Playbook, and/or an Unsexy System Session. If you'd like two of the three options or all three of them, even better.
  2. I'll send you a PayPal invoice (or work out an alternate arrangement). Once it's paid, you (or your very surprised giftee) will have the resource(s) you need almost instantly.
  3. You use your product or service to liberate your time, money, and talent.
  4. Digital high-fives, congratulations, and hugs flow freely.

If money has been getting in the way of achieving your dreams or a friend accomplishing big goals, now is your chance to pay what you can.

Context and Common Sense

I've seen pay what you can promotions go horribly wrong. That won't happen to us though because we have too much respect (and we use common sense).

Here's some context to keep your potential offer rockin' for everyone involved:

  • Start Investing with $100 is normally priced at $79.00, The Digital Launch Playbook usually goes for $47.00, and an Unsexy System Session is $39.00… costs that people have told me are way under-priced for their value
  • I reserve the right to veto truly ridiculous offers (not that you would throw one out there, of course)
  • This offer isn't retroactive if you've already purchased a product or service
  • If your pockets are feeling flush and you want to pay more than the regular price, Second Harvest Heartland and your karma will be seriously impressed
  • If you pay less than the regular price and feel like the value you got was amazing, you can always contribute more later
  • I'll take multiple payments over time if you want to work something out. Can you tell I'll do almost whatever it takes to make this work for you?
  • Only five one-hour Unsexy System Sessions are available for this promotion. Because I don't want to be so booked that I don't have time to make dinner and spend time with my family.
  • I normally only take payments via PayPal. If a money order or check is your only way to pay, I'll consider it.

At 2:00 am CST on Saturday, May 18th 2013, this pay what you can promo ends. No exceptions.

What Potential Will You Unlock?

Want Start Investing with $100 for fifty dollars?

Need The Digital Launch Playbook for ninety dollars (because you've heard how amazing it is)?

Or maybe you want all three options for a song and a dance.

Let's make something happen!

Forget your normal obstacles. This chance is too important to pass up if you want to make a big move.

Make me an offer that I – and Second Harvest Heartland – can't refuse.

Every day can be “Gratitude Day.” But now is the time for a heaping dose of it.

Thanks again for being a part of this community and supporting everything here! I want nothing more than to see you rock whatever you need help with.

So leave a comment or send an email and let me know what you'd like. “Season's Greetings” indeed.


P.S. If you have friends, family, co-workers, or acquaintances that are struggling with something I help with, earn their gratitude by forwarding this promo to them.