Pat FlynnIn this episode of Smart and Simple Matters, I talk with a guy who radiates inspiration and moves people to take action.

And it's none other than Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income fame.

Pat has directly helped tens of thousands of peopleΒ (me included) with the principles of creating and maintaining passive income streams. Whether it's through your own products and services, affiliate marketing, apps, advertising, membership communities, eBooks, and more, Pat knows about it all.

And he's wildly successful in just about any way you can define it. I'm talking things like:

  • The love his community expresses for him.
  • The traditional “how much I make” kind of way (check out his income reports).
  • His ability to empower other people's success.
  • His influence via the 50,000+ subscribers to his website, over 1.5 million YouTube views, and other staggering numbers that keep going up.
  • Creating some of the finest “how to” content about online and offline business anywhere on the web.

But it's striking how humble, genuine, and transparent Pat is about his personal and business life. As much as you'll benefit from hearing about Pat's success and the insightful actions he recommends in this episode, he's just as likely to be seen discussing how he's failed over the years.

My grandpa would call him a mensch. My aunt would call him a sweetheart. And I would call him one of the biggest influencers around in online business, ethics, and personal growth. Even if you don't have a business or care much about what's happening online, I'm confident you'll get a ton from this chat.

It was a thrill to speak with Pat and even more awesome to listen to his wisdom on a range of topics. And now you get to be thrilled and enlightened too!

What You'll Learn

We have a ton of valuable stuff to share with you so you'll want to listen to the whole show.

In this episode you'll learn about:

  • Which passive income stream Pat would keep if he had to give up all the rest.
  • How being laid off can be the greatest thing to happen to someone.
  • How he launched his first product and made almost $8,000.00 the first month.
  • The skinny behind “just in time” marketing and why you might need it.
  • A powerful example why single tasking can be critical for success.
  • Which one of us has stayed awake for 72 hours straight … and why.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode Include:


  • [04:48] Pat shares his background and the motivational origin story of his business
  • [09:44] Exploring how to create eye popping income numbers in your first year as an entrepreneurship
  • [13:49] Using Evernote and other tools to curate
  • [19:13] Scenarios, boxes, and the value of single tasking
  • [22:03] Which passive income stream Pat would keep if he had to give up all the rest
  • [25:33] The personal challenges/experiments we've done and are doing
  • [31:47] Why Pat's a family man before anything else

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