Feeling StuckI've been there. You've been there. Heck … we've all been there.

You know, feeling stuck. Unsure about what kind of work to do. Unclear about which relationships to hold on to and where to put all the stuff that's crept into our lives.

What if I told you that improving at any one of ten core habits could get you moving again? And I'm not talking baby steps. I'm talking “I'm a gentle giant who can go anywhere I freakin' want in this world” kind of steps.

That's my interpretation of Stephen Warley's UnStuckable philosophy and you're going to hear all about it from the awesome man himself.

Stephen interviewed me in January 2015 for his dormant (but still fantastic) UnStuckable podcast and I instantly knew, “I gotta have this dude on Smart and Simple Matters.”

Maybe it's his eloquence and clarity that does it for me. Perhaps it's because he has both depth and breadth of knowledge in tons of topics. Or it could be that he brings up spreadsheets in a conversation before I do (which is awfully tough to pull off).

Whatever it is, I know you'll appreciate the live case study that he and I have on his former UnStuckable business. We guide you through his three steps of total life integration in less than fifteen minutes and give you something to chew on for a lifetime.

You'll be feeling – and acting – less stuck after you listen … so whatcha waiting for? Crank us up!

You're about to Learn …

  • Why having tons-o-free time isn't enough (and what else you absolutely need).
  • Some of the habits that can make you “unstuckable.”
  • How thinking less helps you align your time, money, and energy toward what you truly want.
  • When (and how) to take control over what you purge.
  • Why a simple vow to walk or bike around your ‘hood can deeply change your life.
  • How to develop strong, self-reinforcing tools of self-awareness.
  • How Stephen knows you only work 3-4 hours a day … no matter who you are.
  • Why he has a shark tooth, tiny Buddha, and cow molar on his desk.
  • How to partner with your communities to learn what they need to learn.
  • Some strange ways that people are “particular” about their environment.



Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [06:37] Stephen's seeds of awesomeness
  • [10:04] How to absorb other people's stories to increase your self-awareness
  • [12:09] Why Steven wants more time more than anything else
  • [13:51] Steps 1 and 2 of total life integration: Ask why and look for patterns
  • [16:48] Step 3 of total life integration: Purge and purge again
  • [18:37] The live UnStuckable total life integration case study
  • [27:23] Why learning goals are important and become more essential as you get older
  • [30:47] How and when to take control over what you purge
  • [39:53] How to suck up information and do something with it
  • [42:25] Stephen's future plans to help people get unstuck

Extra Gratitude and Special Mentions

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