How to Support Me and Our Community

Joel Zaslofsky

Welcome, potential supporter (and maybe future friend)!

Have you heard that there are some nifty ways to support what I create and directly impact the future of our community here?

Whatever form your contribution takes, thanks in advance for supporting my generosity and gratitude first mission!

Great Ways to Support

It doesn't matter if you have thirty seconds or thirty minutes. And it's all good if you support financially, mentally, or another way that feels most appropriate.

Here are the best ways to help me, the splendid folks who depend upon my creations, and add your support to countless other awesome people.

Help the Podcast

If you're already a Smart and Simple Matters listener, get some extra gratitude when you click here to leave me a short iTunes review and help our message spread even further (it's a huge help!).

And since my website is entirely reader, listener, and patron-supported, consider adding your recurring support on Patreon.

One-Time Contributions

Want to buy me a bar (or case) of dark chocolate? It takes about one minute to contribute, but my gratitude will last a lot longer.

Something Else?

If you have something else in mind, I'm always happy to see your creativity and to explore another nifty option with you.

Let me know what you're thinking about on my Contact page.

Dang, I'm Super Grateful!

Picture of Why I'm Grateful for You

I'm grateful for dark chocolate and frozen lakes, but I'm more stoked about your support.

Your time, attention, and other resources are precious. So I'm here for you, if you're here for me. As a friend. As a peer. As we guide each other through the struggles and celebrations of life.

You aren’t just a statistic, email subscriber, or a downloader to me. You’re a part of the J-to-the-Z community and I value your support.

Word up (or peace and humptiness if you prefer)!

Me, Briefly

I bring together diverse communities, podcast about smart and simple matters, and get you excited about spreadsheets. Let's explore how to live intentionally, embrace our multipotentiality, share our gifts, build authentic relationships, and have tons of gratitude. No prior experience is required.