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If you don't know me yet, I'm on a mission to create simple-living communities, live intentionally, build authentic relationships, and perhaps even get you excited about spreadsheets.

Now, since I know you enjoy Joshua's work and the themes of Becoming Minimalist, I've hand-picked some curated resources that I believe you'll also dig:

My second podcast episode with Joshua: The More of Less and Generosity as an Act of Bravery

My first podcast episode with Joshua: Minimalism, Intentional Living, and Being the Best You

Joshua's welcoming and challenging words at SimpleREV 2014, a simple-living event that I helped organize

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I bring together diverse communities, podcast about smart and simple matters, and get you excited about spreadsheets. Let's explore how to live intentionally, embrace our multipotentiality, build authentic relationships, and have tons of gratitude. No prior experience is required.