Partner Charity Donation

Note: It may help you to first read this article about Second Harvest Heartland and why they are the Value of Simple partner charity.


“Man, I still wish this check was bigger!”

It was the almost the same first thought as last year when I wrote out “$62.07” on our 2013 partner charity contribution check.

In a nutshell, I donate 5% of all Value of Simple pretax income to help our hungry neighbors eat today, and to push for everyone to be fed tomorrow. Since VoS generated $1,241.39 in revenue last year for Personal Renaissance LLC (the legal name of my business), 5% is $62.07 … straight to Second Harvest Heartland.

This is still humbling because it's:

  • Shows how far I still need to go to make Value of Simple financially viable.
  • So small in dollars, but so rich in intention.
  • Hard-earned money that some of you passed along when you purchased what I created or bought an affiliate product I'm proud to support.

One thing's for sure: this fuels my fire to keep working my butt off on behalf of Second Harvest Heartland.

It's a Slow Climb

I ended 2013 cash flow negative – the second year in a row – and something I had never previously done.

But there is purpose behind this. This community we're building here – with an intentional and diverse group of folks who want to simplify, organize and be money wise – can't be quantified in traditional ways.

However, we still have to remember that, every once in a while, our collective contributions – to each other, to our partner charities, and to everything on this abundant earth – have a number attached to them.

Let's make 2014 a banner year in impact, and for our friends at Second Harvest Heartland!