Experience Curating CoverImplementing Experience Curating is a true working extension of the human brain.” – Roderick Russell, NPR-featured speaker and iTunes Top 50 Podcaster


One year ago, I released Experience Curating: How to Gain Focus, Increase Influence, and Simplify Your Life.

Within a month, it was the #1 Philosophy and Memory Improvement book on Amazon and would stay there for about a week.

Now, the book has been downloaded almost 10,000 times from Value of Simple and Amazon, inspiring people to capture, organize, and share anything to improve … well, anything.

It's time to celebrate, don't ya think?

So I'm offering the digital version of Experience Curating for only $0.99 through February 22.

The Context

The promise of spending 0.1% of your time adding value to the other 99.9% sounds appealing: fewer wasted resources, less leaky brain, better organizing, more freedom, more influence, more energy for your most important or intentional passions, and more simplicity.

Unfortunately, with our culture of busyness, who has the time to create a secure, external memory or think about how to modernize a strategy that Ancient Rome used to preserve their empire? As someone who once moved a mile a minute and had no space for seemingly foreign approaches, I totally get it.

It's often easier to stay inside our filtered bubble. It's sometimes more attractive to let Google or Facebook serve up fast-food information, at least on the surface, instead of using our own experiences to solve (and anticipate) problems.

It doesn't have to be this way. Experience Curating is an alternative that thousands have embraced. Ask yourself:

What if you could create an environment where your experiences don't just happen to you, but make big things happen for you?

It's not just plausible – it's completely possible with the right mindset, process, and tools.

The success of this book has surprised me. But I've gained a ton of insight over the past twelve months. Better yet, I've been motivated by challenging readers to improve Experience Curating.

Therefore, today seems like the perfect time to release a major upgraded version of the book. I've been working on it for months and I couldn't be prouder.

More Reasons to Become an Experience Curator

If you've already plowed through the Amazon version of the book, it's worth rereading because there are tons of updates.

For instance, I:

  • Added numerous new examples to make concepts more practical and actionable.
  • Completely rewrote Chapter 9 (“A” #2 is for Access) to feature a personal “Everywhere Doctrine” triumph.
  • Restructured and expanded the chapters on curating tools based on conversions with my curating hero, Robin Good.
  • Made the book a bit more serious – without removing the fun and “Joel” from it.

The $0.99 sale price is a win-win-win proposition already, but it's even better with all of the improvements. Anyone who has been waiting to get the book can download it at a 80% discount right now. Experience Curating gets into the hands, hearts, and heads of more people. And the simple, intentional – and let's be honest – unsexy mission continues to expand.

For a better taste, here's what some folks have said about the book:

  • Betsy Talbot said it's “for people like me who want to remember, reference, and share memories, but don't want to spend hours journaling every night.”
  • Julie van de Zande wrote, “Joel's entertaining, confident, and convincing, but also humble and open to learning more. He writes like a friend, holding my hand to simplify complex concepts.”
  • Amit Amin said, “Do you have a leaky brain? I certainly do. Joel's a systematizer and, if you want to banish your poor memory forever, get this book.”

Experience Curating is about more than enhancing memory, slowing down, and nerdy spreadsheets. It's about discovering a new way to see the world and creating better relationships with everyone in it.

Click here to get your digital edition for only $0.99 in the next five days. Experience Curating will return to its $4.99 price at 7:00 a.m. CST on February 23.


P.S. If you've read the book or have found my Experience Curating journey to be valuable, consider sharing this offer with others through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, email, or an old fashioned conversation. The only promotion this book gets is word-of-mouth … and its continued success depends upon it. Thank you!

P.P.S. If you need more reasons to celebrate, Experience Curating will be available in print and audio formats in the next couple of months. Also, Amazon has exclusive rights to sell the book through the end of February. But I'll happily email you the PDF and Apple/Nook friendly EPUB format if you'd like that instead. Just purchase the book on Amazon first and then email me your receipt with a request for the other formats.

Hat tip to Joshua Becker for inspiring the blog post title and format.