Note: I published my book, Experience Curating, two years ago today and I want to celebrate with you. The Amazon Kindle version is free through February 22 and I have some other groovy info to share as well.


Are you feeling all warm and tingly like I am today?

Experience Curating CoverI have about infinity reasons to be grateful right now and I wanted to share two big ones right away.

  • The feedback I've been getting since switching from Value of Simple to last month has been schuper schweet! And the site's about to get better as I upgrade my web hosting to help the pages load as snappy as a lobster's claws.
  • It's the two-year anniversary of publishing Experience Curating: How to Gain Focus, Increase Influence, and Simplify Your Life and it's now a two year tradition to celebrate by giving you a free Amazon Kindle version for a few days (through February 22 this year).

It's cool if you're new to this Experience Curating dealio and are thinking, “Context, Joel. Bring on the context!”

Here's Your Context

Informally, I explain the Experience Curating concept as:

1. A mindset to help you be more intentional about what you experience and use your past experiences as future assets.

2. A process to Filter, Archive, Organize, Contextualize, Access, and Share (a.k.a. FAOCAS) literally anything that can be experienced. Conversations, blog post, events, recipes – it's like structured journaling on steroids.

3. Systemized tools like spreadsheets, Evernote, or a commonplace book to let you spend 0.1% of your time adding value to the other 99.9%.

I understand why some folks think Experience Curating is just about enhancing memory, slowing down, and nerdy spreadsheets. But I believe it’s about discovering a new way to see the world and creating better relationships with everyone in it.

One reader described the book as a true working extension of the human brain. And the other 10,000+ folks who have scored a copy pushed it to the #1 Philosophy and Memory Improvement book on Amazon at for a week.

If simplifying your world, adding more meaning to anything you experience, becoming an expert in any topic, or giving your sense of freedom a boost sound groovy to you, put Experience Curating on your digital shelf for free through February 22 and geek out with me and your fellow curators.

Little known fact: everybody curates every day. Pinning new fashions on Pinterest, piecing together genealogy fragments, or sharing snippets from a nifty newsletter – they're all Experience Curating.

So you might as well do it purposefully, valuably, and with the right tools … right?

P.S. If you’ve read the book or have found my Experience Curating journey to be useful, consider sharing this offer with others through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, or an old fashioned conversation. The only promotion Experience Curating gets is word-of-mouth, and its continued success depends upon it.

Thanks in advance!