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The tools here are intended to help you do the same thing that the other things I create do: simplify, build community, and be authentic. Some of them are thought-provoking, like Experience Curating, and some of them are straight-forward (spreadsheets anyone?).

Enjoy these tools and come back often!

Experience Curating

“Experience Curating is a true working extension of the human brain.”

Roderick Russell

NPR-featured speaker and iTunes Top 50 Podcaster

Experience Curating Cover (200x320)Imagine what would happen if you spent 0.1% of your time adding value to the other 99.9%. Picture an environment where your experiences don't just happen to you, but are used to make big things happen for you.

That's what Experience Curating is all about. What you use your curated experiences for – simplifying, personal finance mastery, improving your relationships, truly useful to-do lists, or world domination (for instance) – is up to you.

Half Version Download Formats and Links

  • PDF
  • MOBI (for Amazon Kindle, Kindle apps, and Amazon's Cloud Reader)
  • EPUB (for Nook and Apple products)

If you dig the half version and want the full book, click here to get a print, digital, or audiobook copy.

The Offers and Needs Market

Picture of Offers and Needs Market Example from SimpleREV 2015

An Offers and Needs Market is a way to discover what kinds of support you can provide to others and what help you might get within a specific community. Each exchange builds a connection, more connections create meaningful relationships, and the collective relationships strengthen communities – and maybe even create new ones.

Click here to discover what you can do to help and get helped right now.

The Continuous Creation Challenge

“Like most experiments, it’s not enough to do it once. If you try the Continuous Creation Challenge and don’t see the benefit right away (although you probably will), then do it again. The most important thing I learned is that what I need to stop consuming is different from other people. And it took the 3rd attempt to get to this a-ha moment.”

Denise Urena

Artist, Mother, and Creative Force

Head over here if you need a primer on the Continuous Creation Challenge (CCC), explore the FAQs or check out people's CCC experiences for examples of what it looks like in the real world.

If you're just looking for the resources surrounding the super schweet CCC, here ya go!

Downloadable Resources

The Planning Guide

The Complete Checklist

Spreadsheet Spotlights

“Joel has woken me up to the lost art of personal curation. After learning and integrating his wisdom, I am no longer ashamed to say that I keep parts of my life in a spreadsheet.”

Ethan Waldman

Founder of The Tiny House.net

Note: You may not have access to Microsoft Excel or care for it as much as I do. So you can also view the downloadable Excel .xlsx format spreadsheets in Google Drive (instructions here), with a program like WPS Office, or other alternatives like LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice.

Mastering Home and Auto Maintenance Tracking

This bad boy exists because I didn't want (or need) to pay for fancy software to track and remind me about my core home and auto maintenance tasks. It will let you take control of scheduling, reminding, doing, and tracking maintenance on whatever place you live in and any car you drive.

Click here to read the original article that explains why it's helpful, how to use it, and more.

Baby Names (or Dog, Cat, Horse, Car, and Plants)

Need to choose a baby name with enough science to avoid the emotionally charged “war-o'-the-name” game and leave enough room for creativity or outside input? This fun and nerdy spreadsheet might be your best way to name a little dude or dudette.

Click here to read the original article that explains why it's helpful, how to use it, and more.

Home Energy Audit and Simple Tracking

I enjoy feeling like I'm saving the world. So when I needed to set a baseline of how much energy my household was consuming to compare against some energy upgrades – both the hardware and habit kind – I turned to a spreadsheet.

I tried online calculators and smartphone apps too, but nothing was better than this humble spreadsheet. Click here to read the original article that explains why it's helpful, how to use it, and more.

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