Today's the big day.

My book, Experience Curating, is released to the world this morning and … surprise, surprise: I'm stoked!

Experience Curating is about a topic I've polished for years, but struggled to help others with. I kept coming back to the question of:

How do you learn to spend 0.1% of your time maximizing the value of the other 99.9%?

The process of answering that question changed my life, and I believe it may change your life too.

Everyone is already curating. Some are doing it without knowing it. Others are intentionally curating, yet they're not growing their curating currency the way they could.

Ask yourself:

What if you could create an environment where your experiences don't just happen to you, but are used to make big things happen for you?

That environment is entirely possible, can be quickly achieved, and is a reason why I wrote this book. Join me to examine what happens when you curate quotes, recipes, books, movies, conversations, and anything else you love.

Spoiler alert: life is pretty amazing when you're an Experience Curator.

What You'll Learn (and Why You Should Get Experience Curating Now)

Experience Curating will help you:

  • Spend 0.1% of Your Time Maximizing the Other 99.9%. For example, you'll discover how to filter the Internet's overwhelming fire hose of information into a rich trickle of experiences.
  • Simplify Your World. Curating is not just clarity, timelessness, value, and fulfillment. It's simplicity, living intentionally, and the removal of distractions all wrapped up into one.
  • Become an Expert in Any Topic. Take whatever topics you love, add whatever mediums you enjoy, and mix them with Experience Curating to become the go-to person.
  • Gain Freedom. Uncover how to avoid “filter bubbles” and take all of your experiences with you. Then access them when, where, and how you like.

If you're ready to curate parts or all of your existence, keep reading to see where the book is sold and how to claim your bonuses.

But First: A Quick Heart-to-Heart …

It's a big request to ask you buy my book the week it comes out, even at only $4.99. I'm like you: I generally take my time with books and wait to hear what people I trust think about it.

But since you're reading this blog post, that means we have a connection. Maybe you've been following Value of Simple since day 1 or maybe this is the first thing of mine you've ever read.

Regardless, I want you take a chance on me.

(It's not just Abba who can ask for that).

Believe that Experience Curating is worth your time. Trust that the 30+ five-star reviews on Amazon are meaningful.

Launch week can often make or break a book depending on how much excitement it generates, and it's a big deal for an author. All I'm asking is for you to pick up a copy before Sunday, February 23, 2014 and let me know what you think.

Important note: Amazon has exclusive rights to sell the book through early April, but I'll happily email you the PDF and Apple/Nook friendly EPUB format if you'd like that instead. You just need to purchase the book on Amazon first and then email me your receipt with a request for the other formats. There will be a print version in a few months if enough schuper schweet people like you support Experience Curating this week.

If you buy the book and feel it wasn't worth it, email me and I'll send you a refund. Simple as that.

To make it easy on you to say “Yes,” and because I enjoy rewarding groovy folks like you, I'm offering tiers of bonuses for anyone who orders the book before February 2014 ends.

Ready for some rockin' rewards?

Tier 1: Reader (1 Copy)

Buy 1 copy and get all this:

  • All electronic formats of the book (PDF, Amazon Kindle, and Apple/Nook friendly).
  • An invitation to join the Experience Curating Google+ group.

Unlimited copies available. To get access to the bonuses, buy the book and email your receipt to

Tier 2: Giver (10 Copies)

Buy 10 copies for a book club or group of friends and get:

  • An Excel template to curate any combination of topic and medium.
  • A PDF that explains how I actually curate – including how to use sorting and filtering, data validation, categories, and subcategories.
  • All the bonuses in Tier #1.

Limited to the first 50 people. To get access to the bonuses, buy the book and email your receipt to It'll take a few weeks to fulfill all the orders, so please be patient.

Tier 3: Influencer (100 Copies)

Buy 100+ copies for your church, organization, favorite non-profit, extended circle of friends, etc. and get a free speaking gig from Joel (you cover travel costs). Plus all previous bonuses.

Limited to the first 5 people. To get access to the bonuses, buy the book and email your receipt to

Tier 4: Hall of Fame (300 Copies)

Buy 300+ copies for your whole neighborhood, local school, or every friend you've had since pre-school and get Joel to visit you for a full-day of whatever you like (you cover travel costs) …

Or come visit Joel in the Twin Cities for a full-day of hanging out and one-on-one curating, simplifying, organizing, and being money wise (you cover your own expenses).

Limited to the first 2 people. To get access to the bonuses, buy the book and email your receipt to

How to Buy the Book and Get Your Rewards

  1. Continue here and order however many copies you want.
  2. Email your receipts to before 11:59 p.m. CST on February 28, 2014.
  3. Enjoy the awesomeness as it rolls in.

And don't forget to tell your friends!

Download now from Amazon, and remember that I can send you the PDF or Apple/Nook EPUB versions if you'd rather have those formats.


So what does curating your existence look like to you right now? Share a quick thought in the comments (I and everyone else would love to hear from you).

Hat tip to Jeff Goins for inspiring the blog post title and format.