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What a Personal User Guide Is

The Personal User Guide is an organized instruction manual dedicated to you. Think of it as a framework for you to build what's important in your life.

Better yet, this template explains why the important things are important and how you go about getting them. Completing this will make it simple to communicate many things to others (and to yourself when you need a reminder) like:

  • The belief systems you follow and the significance of certain relationships.
  • How you want people to engage you and how you like to engage others.
  • Your goals, areas of growth, and triggers for certain feelings or actions.

And once this is complete, you have a package of information to share with someone that would otherwise take forever for them to learn.

It's also simple, easy to navigate, and … did I mention enjoyable?

Why The Personal User Guide Exists

In my corporate days, I was the guy who wrote unofficial user guides for the systems and processes used by co-workers. The problem was they were technical, overly detailed, and hard to follow.

Basically, there were flaws that made the user guides a questionable use of time:

  1. Nobody else wanted to maintain the document.
  2. The user experience was “meh.”
  3. People were overwhelmed and didn't know where to find the key information.
  4. The legitimacy was questioned since they weren't created by the owner of the system or process.

Eventually, I thought about how other people in my life would appreciate a user guide about me. After all, I was certainly more complex and confusing than a business system or process.

Plus, I had changed just about everything that previously defined me and made me tick during my personal renaissance.

Plain and simple: most people just didn't get me anymore.

I thought:

Could a personal user guide concisely communicate who I am now, why I am who I am, and how it came to be this way?

I had to find out.

The problem was there weren't templates for a Personal User Guide or instructions on how to create one.

So I took on the challenge of what it would look like, how detailed it would be, and what I would gain from the experience. I suspected that, after I finished my own personal user guide, other people would enjoy and benefit from the same experience.

And as a result, The Personal User Guide was born.

This was created to help you make sense of your world and to help others get the best experience from interacting with you. Although it's intended for everyone, it's especially useful if you're an introvert, struggle with misunderstandings, or often feel people don't “get you.”

Basically, it's a great resource to demystify you to … well, yourself. Interested?

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How This Benefits You (and Those Around You)

User Guide

Before I created my own personal user guide, I asked myself these questions:

  1. What kind of a person needs a personal user guide?
  2. Why would I want to share personal details with someone I may not even know?
  3. What kind of a person wants to spend time completing a personal user guide?
  4. Is the burden of keeping the content current and accurate too much of a time sink?
  5. How can completing a personal user guide be enjoyable, thought provoking, and actionable?
  6. Are the rules for how we operate so contextual that generalizing them is worth the effort?
  7. How can I make this more than a biography – unique from facts shared on social media websites or blogs – and totally unlike anything else?

The goal here wasn't to answer all questions, potential issues, and have this be totally comprehensive. After all, nobody is so simple that what makes them tick can be fully explained in a few pages.

But I was able to answer all these questions … and the result was amazing!

So how does this benefit you?

  • Give yourself the gift of awareness by giving others a window into what makes you tick.
  • Help others learn about you so that you can also learn about yourself.
  • Boil down your essence to concisely communicate what makes you unique.
  • Create the framework to logically document what is seemingly unexplainable about you.

And that's just for starters. You'll probably think of many more benefits after completing this valuable template.

What's In The Personal User Guide

Here's an insider look into the table of contents of the user guide:

  1. How I Interact with the World
  2. Belief Systems and Blueprints
  3. The Role of My Relationships
  4. The “Do”s and “Don't”s of Communicating with Me
  5. My Schedule
  6. How to Make Me Feel or Act…
  7. Goals and Areas of Growth
  8. Things I Like to Do and Why
  9. When Trouble Occurs
  10. Special Notes
  11. Create Your Own Section

Do This for You

Results will vary (like anything in life), so I don't want to over-promise what you'll get out of this. And I doubt you'll find enlightenment from completing The Personal User Guide (but if you do, let me know).

I just want you to do something nice for yourself. If it's valuable to other people too, bonus.


Click Here to Download The Personal User Guide


You and everyone else win by celebrating what makes you tick.



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