Saying Good-byeI'm not a poet. Faaaar from it actually.

But I am a multipotentialite. So I'm not surprised that I was inspired to write poetry for one day last year.

Have you ever done something, been really proud of it, and then thought, “I wonder how and when this will ever be useful?”

Writing this poetry is like that.

As you read it, remember that this was written when I was totally into the concept of Enlightened Resource Management.

I was all about resources.

And writing as many poems in as many formats about the topic of resources was a great challenge.

Who knows if I'll ever write poetry again. The muse may never resurface.

But I thought it was appropriate to bring the Enlightened Resource Management chapter to a close with a homage to resources. It's almost time to be all about the Value of Simple. Yet today, it's all about expressing myself in new, wonderful, and unpredictable ways.

At the very least, you'll be introduced to poetry techniques you never knew existed. And there's a chance you may just enjoy yourself and find some new words of wisdom to share.


I once thought I did not have enough

Because of this my life was rough

I awoke one day to think in reverse

I had too much and needed to disburse

My possessions, my knowledge, my weakness, my skills

To give so freely became such a thrill

I can't convince you less is more

Decide yourself and go explore


All I want for people is to have more

But achieving this is not possible without help

Community is crucial to getting needs met and goals completed

Determination is the method we use to reach fantastic heights

Everyone benefits when everyone participates



Universally essential

Elemental, abundant, scarce

Nothing exists without them



If you consume them

Replenish and nurture them

Or else they vanish


I once used resources blindly

My brain got smart and asked kindly,

Stop wasting and wanting

It's really not daunting

Provide more and you set your mind free


Some things are priceless – do you value what you reap my friend?

Rest is vital, you must slow down and sleep my friend.

That which matters most nourishes the soul and refreshes like rain,

If it's important; let penetrate the walls you build and seep my friend.

I will provide all I can, pushing you with grace and with force,

Your adventure is not yours alone; the climb will be steep my friend.

Courageous and caring, dashing and daring, look up and always forward,

And remember you need not look before you leap my friend.

You amaze and astonish with your talent and vigor,

In dreams I run wild, in real life I creep my friend.

Will you show me how to make happen all that I want?

Without your support I do nothing but weep my friend.

For strategy and tactics you learned long ago,

Better to be the shepherd than to be the sheep my friend.

You gesture to me and I already know,

The truth can be spoken with nary a peep my friend.

Welcome the day and enjoy what it brings you say,

“Joel, Release the unworthy, careful what you keep my friend.”


To manage them wisely is a delight,

It is a fool who hoards them without care,

The journey to enlightenment takes flight,

To manage them wisely!


The more one gives the more one has to spare,

So follow a path sparkling true and bright,

Be focused and thoughtful but please beware,


Darkness descends and will obscure in night,

To chase them enslaves and they will ensnare,

Deftly picked they are a beacon and bright.

To manage them wisely!


Do not ask what I do. Inquire why I do it instead.

We can offer each other friendship, hope and understanding.

Reciprocity required, you expected everything for free?


Find them and lose them

Destroy them and abuse them

Flip the coin and see

Create them and release them

They take all forms and bring peace


Hey you! Remember the feelings of your first kiss?

The build up. The planning. I hope I don't miss.

Resources deserve rapturous anticipation too,

They also can send you sky high in bliss.


Inside my head

I want it I need it right now

Inside my head

The pursuit fills me up with dread

But first I must ask myself how

I acquire this sacred cow

Inside my head

Free Verse

Synapses fire.

Neurons light up like Las Vegas at night.

My mental taste buds explode like the 4th of July.

Resources are the ice cream of my brain.



of the world

not infinite

sustain me

unshackle all


To make the wish a reality

There must be some finality

Tools and skills will be offered

Ask not to be proffered

A goal to be sought

A mission caught




(Shakespearean) Sonnet

I dare to be bold and blaze my own trail

I need nothing myself, I long to empower

Assured that I am to stumble and fail,

Cunning my ally, I need not to cower,


Walk with me and insight reveals,

A new resource appears on the horizon,

We defy flaws, undertake the ordeal,

Knowing the end will strengthen and wisen,


Manage what we can, ignore all the rest

Life is tough enough; leave the baggage behind,

We give it a shot, we do our damn best,

Conquer together, Pool and combine,


Our assets burgeon when teamwork is used,

Two became one, we're happy when fused.


I did not know that resources existed

Now aware my mind was twisted

Tuck away and save for a rainy day

Or take action now, I gain right away


Thanks to everyone who made Enlightened Resource Management a wonderful part of my life! Closing this chapter leaves me with a big smile.

So tell me: which poem was your favorite? And did any of the words strike a chord with you? Leave a comment and let us know.

Photo credit: spo0nman