Experience CuratingThere are two things I love – love – to do:

  1. Curate the heck out of my existence
  2. Listen to what you want… and then give it to you

So I'm doing both of 'em up big-time this month.

Many people in this awesome community recently took a brief survey where I asked some questions to guide the future of Value of Simple. A prominent theme from your responses was (and I'll paraphrase):

Dude, you need to be more concise. And we love all the posts and podcasts about “why” and “what,” but we'd really love some more “how to.” Hook us up, bro!

It's time to get hooked up as I hereby dub August “Experience Curating” month!

I hope you're ready to FAOCAS (read: focus), because it's about to get all groovy up in here!

Just don't think I'm letting you read new curating posts and not asking you to participate. Put on your secret agent hat and prepare to take on some assignments that nobody else gets. It's going to be like a mental James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Inspector Gadget experience rolled up into one.

Note: this message will not self-destruct in fifteen seconds.

Assignment 1: Experience Curating… Ya Dig?

As I explain in my Ignite Minneapolis video – a five minute task you can undertake (if you dare) – Experience Curating starts by filtering all your moments with intention. Then you create a system to archive those moments, organize them for future slicing-and-dicing, and preserve the context forever.

It's then, with easy access and relevant sharing, that amazing outcomes result.

Yep. Experience Curating is as easy as 1, 2, 3… 4, 5, 6.

  1. Filter
  2. Archive
  3. Organize
  4. Context
  5. Access
  6. Share

That's FAOCAS.

And that's my attempt to create a catchy acronym that kinda, sorta, maybe works… but, not completely.

Although this is the first “official” Value of Simple Experience Curating article, I've published three podcast episodes on curating your existence (that kinda, sorta, maybe rock). Each one shows my evolution as a curator and they are some of the most popular SASM episodes.

Between the Ignite Minneapolis primer and these deeper dives, you will be feelin' what I'm puttin' down in no time. Ya dig?

Assignment 2: Get Featured in Experience Curating (The Book)

It wouldn't be cool to create a new paradigm for how to live and validate our life without literally writing the book on it, right?

That's why I'm cranking away on my first book, Experience Curating: <Insert Super Awesome Sub-title Here>.

In addition to the to-be-determined sub-title, I need your help to make this book a true team effort. So if you're game to get featured in the book or play a role in seeing it released with the polish of a $300 manicure, here are some special groups you can join:

(For your eyes only)
  • The Curating Adventures Posse: If you have stories about filtering, archiving, organizing, preserving or adding context, accessing, and sharing your experiences, I want to hear about them!
  • The Advanced Copy Insight Team: I need people to read, edit, add examples or case studies, and generally offer insight on the advanced copy when ready. Maybe one of those schuper schweet people is you?
  • The Technical Tester Squad: Experience Curating will initially be released only in eBook formats. But the formatting and technical side of each version – from Amazon to Apple to PDF – will need more eyes than just mine.
  • The Doers and Shakers: If you are or know a great copyeditor, book cover illustrator, graphic designer for interior pictures, PR expert, digital book formatting guru, or distribution master, I'd love to speak to you or them about my book.

A free final version of Experience Curating is yours (plus some potential other secret goodies) if you can help this dude out.

Simply tell me which special group you want to join in the comments or in an email to joel@joelzaslofsky.com.

Bada-bing, bada-boom.

Assignment 3: Let's Get It On (Curating Style)

Experience Curating

Don't miss your chance to see new posts about how to rock the six steps of FAOCAS. Subscribe to my RSS feed or check this post frequently for new links.

  1. “F” is for Filter
  2. “A” (#1) is for Archive
  3. “O” is for Organize
  4. “C” is for Context
  5. “A” (#2) is for Access
  6. “S” is for Share

Welcome to Experience Curating month, friend! It's time to start working on your secret agent assignments.

For the Comments:

Which FAOCAS step do you need the most help with? And what part of Experience Curating do you have something to teach us about?

Photo Credit: dmott9, Michael Dales, Flipped Out