Rewilding, Sovereignty, and the Heart of Domestication with Daniel Vitalis – SASM 109

Daniel Vitalis and Joel Zaslofsky Combined Picture

Let's play a quick game of “Would you rather … “

Would you rather have a credentialed paleontologist teach you about how to awaken your instincts and ancestral wildness? Or would you rather learn from a counter-cultural, well-mentored, and real-world experienced guy reviving the strategic life of sovereign humans?

I'll take the later – especially when the guy behind the teaching is Daniel Vitalis.

In addition to Daniel's ReWild Yourself podcast being my and thousands of others' favorite show (often by far), he just has a knack for analogies, metaphors, and explaining science simply. Plus, this episode is a stellar example of what happens when you camp at the crossroads of ancestral health and lifestyle design.

His views on rewilding, reclaiming our human sovereignty, and how we've seriously domesticated ourselves have been transformational for me. And, with an open mind, I'm confident they can do the same for you.

Here's a taste of what you're in for:

“The root of domestication – this fear of death – is the desire to overcome nature rather than to participate in it.” – Daniel Vitalis

“Everyone's my mentor … even if they're modeling what not to do.” – Daniel Vitalis

“Rewilding is about going from an ego-centric reality back to an eco-centric reality. And not by going backwards. But by bringing ourselves back to a [great] baseline.” – Daniel Vitalis

Press play and get your mental and ancestral embers stoked!

You're about to Learn ...

  • The difference between natural, wild water and processed water
  • How to see yourself as and act like a sovereign being.
  • Why we're not biologically designed for houses, jobs, or modern institutions.
  • Why a wild child may be the best person to teach us about our innate wildness.
  • How we're unintentionally bringing our juvenile attributes into adulthood.
  • How to expand your nutrition way beyond food.
  • Why the things we remove from filtered water may be the most important.
  • The story behind why Daniel will never buy his own blood plasma.
  • How “alternative” medicine is the true medicine – not modern medicine.
  • How Daniel prevents illness and treats himself with herbalism.
  • How to best use your 200,000 years of genetic instinct to guide you.
  • Why the heart of domestication is the fear of death.
  • Why we free up our life-force when we make peace with death.
  • How monotheism may cut us off from connection to and learning from our ancestors.
  • How Daniel elevates and empowers everyone around him.
  • Why everyone has something to offer Daniel (and you, too).
  • Why bragging is the biggest taboo in indigenous cultures.
  • Why the biggest block to leadership may be in wanting to be a leader.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode

Timestamps and Topics

  • [06:29] Daniel's seeds of awesomeness
  • [10:55] Where Daniel found unconventional guidance as a youth
  • [14:25] How to see yourself as and act like a sovereign being
  • [22:43] How the four elements are more important today than ever
  • [24:27] The difference between natural, wild water and processed water
  • [33:59] Bypassing everything between you and nature to get your needs met
  • [38:50] Where and how Daniel has found his best mentors
  • [41:06] How and why to trust your gut
  • [43:39] Why the heart of domestication is the fear of death
  • [49:03] How monotheism may cut us off from our ancestors
  • [50:23] Some of the most fascinating people Daniel knows
  • [53:40] Deferring to a higher power (whatever it may be for you)
  • [56:00] The biggest taboos in indigenous cultures

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