Cloud of Dust

“You're switching that fast, Joel?”

Well, no. It's not as simple as that.

Experience Curating was published six days ago and it's been a whirlwind of awesomeness ever since. But there are still a bazillion emails to send, interviews to line up, and free bonuses to hand out (which are available until March 1), so you'll continue to hear plenty about Experience Curating in the appropriate context.

But right now?

You deserve a SimpleRev update.

You know. That two-day simplicity event October 3-4, 2014 I shared my vision for almost three months ago? The shindig that Dan Hayes – my amazing event co-organizer and perfect SimpleRev brain trust member – keeps mentioning on his fantastic podcast, Simple Life Together?

Yeah. That thing.

I've been initiating a lot of conversations about SimpleRev lately, and some groovy folks are banging down my door for a role in it.

Interested in knowing more about SimpleRev, the 200+ simple-living lovers that will attend, and how you can benefit even if you can't get to Minneapolis? Let's break it down (dance shoes optional).

What's the Dealio?

I realize this may be the first time you've heard of SimpleRev, so here's the deal:

SimpleRev is a two-day event where the international simple-living community will gather for action, collaboration, and lots of fun. We'll have tracks for creators like bloggers, podcasters, and video producers who shape the simplicity movement, or people who want to become a creative force. But we'll also focus on cultivating deep relationships, lifestyle choices, and problem solving.

You'll form new habits working with savvy workshop leaders and, of course, help us spread simplicity. This event is especially for people who are tired of hyper-consumerism, want to live intentionally, and hope to influence others on our shared journey.

(Get more context at the About page or read why you or someone else you know might make an awesome workshop leader).

Who's Involved

Did you know that Joshua Becker – best-selling author and the powerhouse behind Becoming Minimalist – is going to deliver the opening keynote at SimpleRev?

Because Dan and I agreed on an intimate, workshop-heavy format for most of the action, Joshua is only giving one of two keynotes during the whole shebang. What can we say? Our event is unconventional.

Now, I can't name names when it comes to workshop leaders. That's because we're currently taking submissions and we won't come to any conclusions for a while.

But I can tell you support is strong, even from folks who know they can't get to Minneapolis. I'm talking about people like:

There will be plenty of big names at SimpleRev, but that's not because any one person is more valuable than anyone else.

Everyone who attends or gets involved – you, your friends, and our extend communities – are equals. After all, everyone has a story to share, a skill to teach, and a mission to pursue.

What Did We Learn from the Survey?

We just completed a SimpleRev survey to really understand what people want from it and from us. There were a number of threads that ran through the responses like:

  • People are really into topics like eliminating debt, minimalism (in all of its forms), mindfulness, getting rid of “stuff,” simplicity with kids around, and the impact of simple living on relationships. Oh, and tiny houses. People love tiny houses.
  • Folks are looking forward to action-based workshops, community member simplicity stories, informal meet-ups and gatherings, and connecting with simplicity-related content creators.
  • You're never “done” simplifying. It's a process, not a race. [Tweet that]

There were also some real gems in the freeform comments. One of them was:

There are people leading very simple lives without even trying. Who are they and why is that?

That's a darn fine question. Why do some people live simply – like it's their birthright and ancestral heritage – while others work so dang hard to make small simplicity gains?

That's just one of the questions we'll answer with SimpleRev.

Couldn't I Have Gotten All This from

I suppose. But being candid, the SimpleRev website needs to be prettied up something fierce. I mean, we like minimalism 'round these parts, but is a bit too minimalist right now.

You won't notice if you're the black-and-white spreadsheet type like I am. But most people need some pizzazz to invest in something.

(I assure you the pizzazz is coming soon).

What's Next?

I'll continue to give periodic SimpleRev updates on Value of Simple because you want them and doesn't have a blog … yet.

The best way to stay up to date with everything is to join the hundreds of folks already subscribed to SimpleRev's email updates.

In fact, you can do that right now with just a first name and your best email address.


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Is your heart is going pitter-patter just thinking about all you'd get out of SimpleRev? Then explore how little it takes to join the community, the movement, and connect with 200+ simple-living lovers right here.

I'm ready to revive, revolutionize, and rev up simplicity. How about you?

So what are you hoping to get out of SimpleRev and/or the community growing around it? We love hearing from you, so tell us in the comments.

Photo Credit: Ian Armstrong