Smart and Simple MattersI don't normally tell you what to feel.

But right now, you should feel excited!


Because the first podcast of Value of Simple – the Smart and Simple Matters show – is ready!

I promised you audio in the About page, the intro to this refuge of simplicity, and a YouTube welcome video.

I'm making good on that promise today with the first of many podcasts.

Why Smart and Simple Matters?

You'll want to listen to the podcast for the full rundown on what to expect for the current and future shows.

But here's a brief explanation of the significance for the name Smart and Simple Matters.

  • Smart” refers to you. The smart people in our community who love being inspired, educated, and entertained by the spoken word. It's also a promise. A promise that only smart topics and smart people will be featured on the podcast. I humbly include myself in the smart category…although I got there just barely.
  • Simple” refers to what this place is all about. It was essential to highlight this as the podcast is an extension of Value of Simple.
  • Matters” refers to two things. The first is the important matters of life that are always on your mind and the essential, unglamorous matters that are ignored at our peril. The second is to stress that simple matters. The podcast and the people on it are here to remind, convince, illustrate, and activate the message that the value of simple just plain matters. The forces of chaos and needlessly complex have no place here.

Now, let's jump right into what you'll learn in the first podcast.

You're about to Learn …

There's a lot to like and learn as I light the fuse for bigger podcast booms.

So stop, collaborate and listen. Joel is back with my brand new invention.

In this podcast episode you'll learn about:  

  • Why I'm really doing the podcast (hint: it's not for me).
  • The answer to the question, “Who is this guy?!”
  • My secret for consuming podcasts and videos in half the time.
  • My definition of simple, what it means, and how I use it.
  • A sneak peek of my “put it in a spreadsheet” benefits.
  • How serious a slang using, laid-back dude can be.
  • The dream job I wish I had (besides my current one).
  • The kinds of topics we'll cover in the future.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode Include:


  • [02:51] The run down on me, the podcasts, and the website
  • [06:44] My definition of simple, what it means, and how I use it
  • [10:42] How things work and the structure of the podcast
  • [17:04] The driving force behind this podcast
  • [21:23] My simple secret for ultra-efficient podcast and video consumption

Subscribing to the Podcast

I'll be cranking out podcasts regularly so I want to give you an easy way of knowing when a new one is available. If you're subscribed to this websites RSS feed (and if you're not, don't wait any longer) you'll normally see an article with the details of a new podcast.

However, the podcast specific RSS feeds are the best way to instantly know when a new one is ready.


Click here to download the transcript for podcast 001

Tell Me How You Feel

I'd love your feedback on what worked or didn't work for you in this episode.

Did the audio quality or length make you stop listening before the end? Do you have a person or topic you'd like me to cover in a future episode?

You help guide me in creating better and more valuable stuff when you leave a comment. So please comment!

Thanks for listening everyone!