Ethan WaldmanIn this episode of the Smart and Simple Matters (SASM) show, I explore the freedom-giving and fear-inducing world of technology.

As a former corporate technology strategist and current user of various technology platforms, this is something near and dear to me.


Because even the youngest and oldest among us are now immersed in technology. It can be uniquely empowering or mercilessly paralyzing depending on your knowledge and skill with it. So I'm thrilled to have a true tech pro – Ethan Waldman – joining me on the SASM show to talk about his experiences and advice.

Ethan's a Cloud Coach, email guru, and has been featured in many prominent places like ProBlogger, Be More with Less, Productive Flourishing … the hits go on and on.

We'll break down how technology is best used by small businesses, ways to harness it for simplifying and organizing, and how to thrive with the least amount of technology possible.

In this podcast episode you'll learn about:  

  • What mixing passion, patience, and confidence can do for you
  • A huge warning sign your email inbox is sick
  • How to value your time…and when to respect it enough to allow people to help you
  • Success with using the least amount of technology possible
  • The first question business owners normally ask Ethan…and why it's the wrong question to ask
  • What kind of self-sufficiency is most important for small businesses
  • The story behind the quote, “Tiny man in tiny house seeks tiny piece of land”

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode Include:


  • [02:17] How Ethan became the Cloud Coach and his intriguing story
  • [07:28] Controlling your email instead of having it control you
  • [16:11] Flourishing with using the least amount of technology possible
  • [17:56] The critical importance of technology self-sufficiency
  • [20:50] Tools and resources Ethan uses to simplify his life
  • [28:02] Talking about tiny houses and “drinking water and air for dinner”

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