Courtney CarverCourtney Carver knows a lot of great ways to simplify life.

Whether it's her collaboration with Tammy Stroebel on Your Lovely Life, teaming up with Leo of Zen Habits on the ClutterFree book and course, The Goodblog Project, or entrepreneur business planning assistance (just to name a few), she's helping people all over the place.

And if you like bite-sized improvements that you can act upon immediately, this is for you. Wisdom like this is only the beginning.

What you call it isn't nearly as important as what you do with it. – Courtney Carver

Her home base is Be More with Less and this is where I first learned about her. Courtney's ability to concisely and powerfully explain what most people can't put into words separates her from almost everyone else. And she's as genuine, warm, and supportive as they come.

Basically, she's a perfect fit for SASM. Chalk up yet another place that Courtney's providing tremendous help (right here).

So grab your coffee, tie your running shoes, or settle into a comfy spot for this chat. I learned a ton from Courtney and you can too.

What You'll Learn

I think some minor spoilers from this episode are in order. Don't worry, there are plenty of surprises left in our bag of tricks.

In this episode you'll learn about:

  • What habit stacking is and why it has amazing benefits.
  • How to pay yourself first and have plenty left over for everyone else.
  • Using your own wake up call to help other people avoid theirs.
  • Whether the differences between simplicity and minimalism are real.
  • The deal we made about Mexico and Buenos Aires.
  • The biggest benefit when simplicity is added to life.
  • The story behind the quote, “I ask for a moment instead of putting on this super woman façade.”
  • Making doing work you love accessible through minimalism.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode Include:


  • [03:24] Courtney tells us her origin story and some past challenges
  • [07:21] The beauty of the blogosphere
  • [16:31] Are there differences between simplicity and minimalism?
  • [22:11] How Courtney uses her blog to curate the best stuff
  • [25:30] Habit stacking
  • [31:04] How far away Courtney is from living on the beach in Mexico
  • [35:29] Courtney's message to everyone about the power of story

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