Start Investing with $100Note: Start Investing with $100 is no longer available as of October 10, 2014.


I normally start the show notes by giving you some context about the Smart and Simple Matters (SASM) episode.

However, most of that has already been provided in the Start Investing with $100 announcement article.

I spent a ton of time turning this investing specific episode into what actually is a free crash course to Start Investing with $100.

And although 54 minutes of audio might seem like a lot at first, once you listen, you'll understand how much is packed into every last crevice of this episode. I'm actually amazed this didn't turn out to be two hours!

Odds are your brain, pen, and fingers will be trying to take notes so fast that you'll wish I didn't try to do so much in one show. If you're struggling to keep pace, check out the special edition of the transcript where I have a ton of links to resources, definitions, and more.

I'm proud of this episode and confident enough of its value to say that, if you spend only an hour this year getting educated about investing, make it this hour of Smart and Simple Matters.

What You'll Learn

Gosh, where to begin. This is just a partial list to whet your appetite.

In this episode you'll learn about:

  • The considerations you must make before investing your first dime.
  • The simple – sometimes comically easy – five-step process to select an investment company.
  • Why investing increases more than just your financial health.
  • How to approach investing with fresh eyes and shed bad habits.
  • Why I'm a heretic and disliked by most of the investment industry.
  • My surprising answers to the question, “what do I invest in?”
  • How the value of your investments can skyrocket…but you still lose money.
  • The online course Start Investing with $100 and how it can help.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode Include:


  • [03:06] Why I'm doing an investing specific episode
  • [08:40] The sequence and considerations to getting started
  • [16:28] Overview of picking an investment account structure
  • [20:29] Hey Joel! What should I invest in? A.K.A. investing principles.
  • [40:14] Socially and environmentally conscious investing
  • [42:11] How to select an investment company
  • [49:34] Key details about Start Investing with $100

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