Continuous Creation Challenge

This is a special episode of Smart and Simple Matters for many reasons.

The first reason is the topic, namely the Continuous Creation Challenge.

This is our insane (and insanely beneficial) challenge where – for a period of time – you shift all your energy from many forms of consumption into channeled creation.

There's huge flexibility in your planning and doing of the Continuous Creation Challenge (CCC) – including how long, when, what consumption to eliminate, and what projects to create – but it's disruptive enough to the status quo to open your eyes to what could be possible.

You'll hear the full origin story of the CCC in this episode, but I never intended for anyone else to do one when I experimented with it in April 2012.

But now? I'm passionate about having 100,000 people create their own awesomeness during a CCC before the end of 2014.

Is this my most ambitious goal yet?

Probably. And I'll need your help to pull this off. By the time you're done listening to this episode, I bet you'll be interested and motivated enough to help not just me, but to help yourself achieve an experience that many people would only dream about.

What You'll Learn

I'm giving you the full who, what, when, where, and why in this show. Make sure to listen to the end for all the quirky, funny, and thoughtful commentary on this Continuous Creation Challenge business!

In this episode you'll learn about:

  • How to stretch yourself to the point of discomfort … and liberation from the status quo.
  • What the heck a Continuous Creation Challenge is (kind of important, no?).
  • The best practices of planning and doing your CCC so you can rock it.
  • Why I intentionally fast for 72 hours and have tried to go even longer.
  • How you can (and may want to) help with my super-ambitious CCC goal.
  • Some funky FAQs (like whether sex is allowed during your CCC).
  • How to destroy your limiting beliefs and clarify what you're capable of.
  • Major unexpected benefits of a CCC like enhanced self-awareness.
  • Who knows the “right” way to do a Continuous Creation Challenge.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode Include:


  • [02:18] Intro to the Continuous Creation Challenge
  • [05:33] The origin story of the CCC
  • [09:17] I tell you how this CCC dealio actually works
  • [19:08] My previous CCC plans vs. what I actually experienced
  • [24:54] What you can create in 72 hours or 120 hours with focused intention
  • [31:50] What other people have created in their CCC
  • [36:28] The planning process for a smooth and rewarding CCC
  • [42:28] Basic troubleshooting and some FAQs
  • [48:59] Recap and a request for help

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