Tetris Theory


That was the sound of my podcast publishing schedule blowing up to make way for a special dude and a special book.

In this episode of Smart and Simple Matters, I bring back my first two-time guest – Colin Wright – to talk about the themes of his new book Act Accordingly.

And let me tell you. This episode and Act Accordingly are testing the limits of Tetris Theory and the schuper schweet spectrum.

Plus, Colin's letting me run a groovy giveaway of his book which I tell you all about in the episode.

I'm not going to waste time getting you pumped up about this one. I'll let Colin do that for me with some of his words from our conversation.

Bridges are far more important than all the rivers we try to put between ourselves.

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Every time I'm thinking that somebody's a horrible person, I am also [a] horrible person in some context.

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So I just have one question for you right now:

Ya'll ready for this?

It's time to let ‘er rip and let ‘er fly!

What You'll Get

It's impossible to listen to this episode and not have your mind expanded (or implode).

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to use “past you” to benefit “future you.”
  • Why we should surround ourselves with question-askers instead of solution-givers.
  • The Tetris Theory and how to be a thriver.
  • Whether you're a cake person or an icing person.
  • Which is better: living like concrete or sculptor's clay.
  • The last time Colin chopped off his (figurative) arm … and what he replaced it with.
  • How to detach from your work so people can understand you.
  • Why Colin wanted to hate his friends, but couldn't.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [07:34] Why Colin's in the U.S. and what he's doing
  • [11:45] The cake and the icing on the cake
  • [18:31] “Right” vs. “wrong” and people who ask many questions
  • [24:20] Colin's travels and his move to Montana
  • [28:41] Confidence and context in Act Accordingly
  • [36:16] The conflict of detaching yourself from your work
  • [43:48] Tetris Theory
  • [46:29] Simple Life Together recommendation and Act Accordingly giveaway details

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