Positive Addictions

Have you always wanted to redefine undefine yourself or have more addictions (positive ones, of course)?

I didn't even know that undefining yourself or positive addictions existed until my personal renaissance started.

But I've located a master at removing self-imposed false labels or the ones that others slap on us without permission.

Her name is Sarah Peck and she's behind all sorts of awesome creations. Itstartswith.com is my favorite, but you may prefer her other various outposts.

You're going to hear stories of triumph, deep struggles, and everything in-between during our talk. You'll probably even want to take notes (I know Sarah did) because gems like these are just waiting to be dug up:

Addiction isn't terrible unless you're not ending up as the person you want to be. – Sarah Peck

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Anything that is a benefit [can also be] a terrible curse. Most things in the world are paradoxes. – Sarah Peck

And here's something that I've heard before that bears repeating over and over again.

The only system you need is the one that works. – Sarah Peck

So come on and join us on a verbal journey that leads to some seriously groovy places. You're about to understand why so many people think Sarah is fantastic. Yeah, fantastic enough to support her in raising over 30 grand for charity:water for her birthday (a story for another time).

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Why we're so aggressive in defining who we are and what we do.
  • What Sarah's mother's biggest challenge was in raising her.
  • How to give people permission to be more honest and kind with you.
  • What value-oriented work is (and whether you have it).
  • How to create a mentality where you (and everything else) are “enough.”
  • Why addiction and adaptation are essential pieces of us.
  • How many things you're addicted to (hint: it's a ton).
  • The way out of negative addictions and how to create positive addictions.
  • How to have self-compassion … even when changes come too slowly.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [06:30] Sarah's seeds of awesomeness
  • [11:22] Why the rush to fill time is so insidious
  • [17:40] What Sarah is doing to have more “nothing” in her life
  • [21:59] How Sarah curates her existence
  • [26:48] What mad scientist experiments are happening soon
  • [32:39] Why most things in the world are paradoxes and thoughts about addictions
  • [44:24] Details about Sarah's writer's workshop

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