Ryan Avery

Every once in a while a Smart and Simple Matters listener will contact me and say something like this:

“Joel, you just gotta have person X on your show. He or she rocks, would be a great fit with your whole simplify, organize, and be money wise dealio, and wants to geek out on spreadsheets with you!”

OK, I may have made up that last part about spreadsheets. But the rest is legit.

This scenario played out when Jeremey Donovan – fan and friend of the show – suggested I bring Ryan Avery on. I wasn't sure how he would fit on SASM at first, but I was sold after reading his blog post, How to Be a Speaker.

Ryan is more than just the guy who won the 2012 World Championship of Public Speaking over 30,000 other people. He's a fantastic storyteller with get stories to tell. For instance, you'll hear all about how he grew up with little financially, but had a whole lotta love and ingenuity going for him.

He's also super passionate about helping people communicate in a way that improves their relationships, business, and capacity to simply be a good human being.

Put on your headphones and crank this one up!

(Whether or not you want to learn how to be a better hugger or understand the full power of the hug).

You're About to Learn About …

  • Why you don't need a million dollars to live a million dollar life.
  • How getting fired the day after your wedding can be an amazing opportunity.
  • What happens when you shower a child with love instead of money.
  • How to give 10% of your lifestyle away for maximum benefit.
  • Ryan's four pillars to stay true to his core values.
  • Why Ryan and I are “hug first, ask questions later” guys.
  • How to communicate the way people want you to (not how you think they want).
  • Why marriage is so important … even for people that don't want it.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [04:53] Ryan's seeds of awesomeness
  • [10:24] How to live a good life
  • [16:56] How Ryan budgets (or doesn't)
  • [20:55] The four pillars of Ryan's core values
  • [27:51] Why communication skills are essential in any relationship
  • [31:36] The definition and meaning of love
  • [36:40] Why being a “hug first, ask questions later” guy is valuable
  • [39:13] Why marriage is so important

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