It's true.

Almost nobody loves curating as much as I do.

But you may fall deeply in love with curation if you viewed it like I do (and like this episode's guest does).

We've come a long way from traditional curating environments like libraries and museums. Today, curating looks like Evernote, Pinterest, spreadsheets, Goodreads, a commonplace book and …

This episode is about curation in general. But it's really an almost real-time review – with specifics up the wazoo – alongside their CEO, Guillaume Decugis.

Guillaume knows how to fail hard, and he knows how to succeed wildly. He previously sold a business for over $100 million, and his current baby – – gets more hits than Ted Williams in the 1940s.

But like me, Guillaume is more than just a fella that knows about curating. He has the historical context, the technology savvy, and relationship capital to develop a platform that lets anyone become an expert on any topic.

His path is not the typical one toward business simplicity. That's why I know you'll enjoy his story and what he's up to with

Note: I also mention something called “The Curator's Edge” at the end of this episode. It's something I've never talked about before, and I need your insight on it. So enjoy the show and try out my new Speakpipe voice mail service that I describe in the episode.

I sure as heck can't wait to hear from you!

In This Episode You'll Learn about:

  • How Guillaume's biggest business failure led to redemption via
  • What “The Curator's Edge” is and how you can guide it.
  • How curation can make anyone an expert or major media influencer.
  • Why topic-centric models can be better than people-centric models.
  • The common goal of all content curators (surprising, but true).
  • What “humanrithm” is … and why it matters.
  • Why curation is an evolution of human expression.
  • Who's curating the curators (hint: it's not me).

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [05:27] Guillaume's seeds of awesomeness
  • [09:05] The failures that led to future success and inventing
  • [19:39] Ways that people are using
  • [26:46] The curating process steps
  • [31:24] The business case for curation
  • [35:31] Some best practices of curating

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