Warren Talbot Betsy Talbot

I've only known Warren and Betsy Talbot for three months. But I already want them to be my life-long friends.

There's just something about their individual and combined personalities. They have this magnetic pull – you know, the one you can only explain when you experience it – and have reeled me in (intentionally or not).

Their past five years have been anything but conventional. It began with the dream of quitting cushy corporate gigs and has evolved into traveling the world with a backpack a piece. The full story is definitely worth a read.

I've been listening to their podcast – An Action Plan for Dreamers – ever since I read their guest post on Courtney Carver's Be More with Less. And five minutes into the first episode, I knew I needed you to hear them on Smart and Simple Matters.

These two know fun. Warren and Betsy live and breathe simplicity. They just have a dynamism you gotta experience for yourself.

And guess what? I totally saw pre-personal renaissance Joel when Betsy said this during the episode:

There is no one out there who doesn't know how to dream. But there [are] a shortage of people that will actually take action and make [those dreams] happen. – Betsy Talbot

No doubt about it: more people are making their dreams happen – simplicity related or otherwise – thank to the terrific Talbot team. So crank this episode up and enjoy it to the very end.

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You're about to Learn:

  • Why wearing a sock tie and sweater vest to middle school can make you stronger.
  • How to make a real deadline and take immediate action on it.
  • The benefits of doubling down on your important relationships and …
  • … How to let go of relationships on life support.
  • Why you can never stop budgeting (hint: it's sexy).
  • How to save $11,000 to visit Antarctica.
  • Why using the same tool consistently is more important than the tool itself.
  • How to get rid of “it.”
  • The steps to book Warren and Betsy to declutter your home in-person.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [05:30] Betsy's seeds of awesomeness
  • [06:45] Warren's seeds of awesomeness
  • [12:14] Why Warren and Betsy walked away from it all
  • [19:32] How to let go of relationships on life support
  • [25:33] The low tech/high tech combination for income and expense tracking
  • [30:22] How to set a deadline (and hit them)
  • [37:20] Who Declutter Clinic is for and how it helps
  • [40:30] How crazy is Joel

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