Organize ItI used to be a bull in a china shop at times.

Get in my way and I'd normally go around you … but I might consider steamrolling you instead.

These days, I don't have many bullish tendencies left, and there certainly aren't any china shops around. Yet, I know people that wish a bull would come into their house to destroy the fine china that they are desperate to get rid of. Sadly, they just can't do it themselves.

My guest for this episode knows how to get rid of fine china and – better yet – knows how to organize everything that remains. In fact, Laura Wittmann of knows how to organize it all.

It didn't take long for Laura to reveal her “Ah ha!” moment when the frustration of organizing turned into joy. And as she digs into organizing it all for us, you'll hear some simple guidance that hard-core minimalists or die-hard pack rats can act on. For example, she'll elaborate on thoughts like:

There's something to be said for not needing as much space, but making good use of the space you already own.

Laura is as real and straight-forward as it gets. And she's certainly not the only one who has said:

I have more stuff than I have home. What's [got] to go?

The difference between Laura and other folks is she knows how to make stuff go “poof.” She also delights in organizing the heck out of just about anything.

The really good news, though? She organizes with a perspective and framework that anyone can pick up in minutes. I'm happy that this Smart and Simple Matters episode turned into such an entertaining, invigorating conversation between a true organizing junkie and a fanatical spreadsheet user.

Yep … organizing it all has never been so fun (and rewarding).

You're about to Learn …

  • The organizing method that cuts frustration down to size.
  • Why your home office might work best in a … coat closet?
  • How to get your kids to come up with creative organizing solutions for themselves.
  • Why descriptive is more powerful than prescriptive.
  • The red flag that one of your systems isn't working.
  • How to get into (and out of) clutter rehab.
  • Why there's hope … even if you don't have the organizing gene.
  • Where clutter meets its maker (and it isn't in storage bins).
  • How to overcome past chaos to create future order.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [06:40] The simple origins of Laura's organizing addiction
  • [08:42] Laura's “Ah ha!” moment
  • [17:57] Leading by example and the “PROCESS”
  • [26:37] Organize it all, especially digital photos
  • [28:58] How Laura felt while drastically downsizing her house
  • [31:49] How to enter (and exit) clutter rehab
  • [39:28] Why you're not destined to a chaotic fate

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