Build SystemsFrom humble roots grow resilient crops.

I wish I had a witty analogy or metaphor to build on here, but I leave that kind of stuff up to my guest for this episode, the de-light-ful Shanna Mann.

She and I met in The Puttytribe two years ago, and, for some reason, she saw something in me. Fast forward to today and we're in the same mastermind group, a place where Shanna helps to convince me to go for audacious projects like SimpleRev instead of pick the low-hanging fruit.

She's the founder of Change Catalyst, runs three businesses, builds systems like ants build tunnels, loves going down the Reddit rabbit hole, and has more resilience that just about anyone I know.

Plus, she's going to tell it to you straight with pizzazz and relevance. For example:

If the crops are crap, you're hosed. – Shanna Mann

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Indeed, Shanna. Indeed. The only thing she forgot was the “eh?” (she's Canadian, you know).

So how about you? Are you ready to build systems that keep life moving even when you're feeling brain dead?

Are you ready for some Shantastic gems like this?

You can't systematize until you're organized.

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The show notes are light-hearted because Shanna's a good friend. But I promise that we get serious in the episode, and that there's serious value in it, too.

You're about to Learn …

  • The very unsexy – but super savvy – way that Shanna saves $15 a month.
  • Batman or Superman? We reveal who's the better hero.
  • How to be the ant (and not the grasshopper).
  • The twenty-minute Reddit method to save a bunch of money.
  • Why to-do lists work better beside an “outcome list.”
  • The beautiful choreography that comes with super systems.
  • The difference between (and importance of) first versus second order systems.
  • Why habits, even great ones, can be giant blind spots.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [05:30] Shanna's seeds of awesomeness
  • [08:23] Unconventional ways to be money wise
  • [17:27] Kanban, Pomodoro, and lists
  • [21:50] How to build systems, rituals, and habits for slowing down life
  • [28:34] Decision fatigue, limited willpower, and removing distractions
  • [33:20] Why you need to organize before you systematize
  • [39:18] Getting past the intimidation of systematizing
  • [45:33] To-don't lists and having more of less
  • [49:06] The skinny on Your Next 6 Months (Forever)

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