Experience CuratingRumor on the street is I love curating.

But not just any kind of curating. Unsexy, Excel-fueled, minimalist, “no experience is off limits” curating.

It's a little thing I call “Experience Curating,” and this Smart and Simple Matters episode is part one of two on Experience Curating – the concept – and Experience Curating – the book.

I've come a looooong way on my curating journey since I first discussed the topic on SASM 005. That's because I now have years' worth of experiences – recipes, book reviews, online content, quotes, and more – in a handful of Excel spreadsheets.

I can see the magic now. I've felt the benefits for me, my reputation, my friends, and anyone else who I might engage with.

My curating is all grown up. So I wrote a book about it and wanted you to hear all the good stuff on SASM.

If you want your experiences to make big things happen for you instead of passively happen to you, then you're going to love Experience Curating.

Get your tweeting hat on, go down the rabbit hole with the links below, and let's get ready to curaaaaaaate!

Groovy Stuff to Tweet

Imagine what would happen if you spent 0.1% of your time adding value to the other 99.9%.

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Wealth of any type, just as love, must be shared to be fully realized. – Raam Dev

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What the heck is Experience Curating? Find out in #SASM 041.

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The question isn't, ‘Should I curate?' The question is ‘What should I be curating?'

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If only I had crazy curating skills like Dewey, Luce, and The Brothers Grimm!

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You're about to Learn …

  • How to spend 0.1% of your time maximizing the other 99.9%.
  • Why curating simplifies the body, mind, and spirit.
  • What a “curating jam session” is (and why you need them).
  • How to use curating to become an expert on any topic.
  • The difference between a “man's man” and a “curator's curator.”
  • What a “filter bubble” is … and how to stay out of one.
  • Why Experience Curating is descriptive, not prescriptive.
  • Who's in the Experience Curating Hall of Fame.
  • Why we love The Brothers Grimm, Melvil Dewey, and Henry Luce.
  • Insane stats about how much information is created online every minute.
  • Why you have a moral imperative to curate.
  • What you can or should curate (and are already curating).
  • Why trust is trendy, but never goes out of style.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [03:49] Quick notes about the episode.
  • [06:43] Episode overview and the origins of Experience Curating.
  • [10:37] What the heck is Experience Curating?
  • [12:15] A brief curating history lesson.
  • [19:02] Some benefits of Experience Curating.
  • [25:22] Crazy stats about how much information we're exposed to.
  • [31:17] What can I or should I curate?
  • [34:47] The Experience Curating Hall of Fame.
  • [39:36] Experience Curating best practices.
  • [51:38] Soaring rhetoric from Joel (go get 'em!).

Special Thanks

A big-time special thanks to my wife Melinda for giving me the freedom to express myself in funky ways. And a major shout out to Erin Kurup – the idea architect for Experience Curating – who helped to turn 36,000+ words of crap into something worth reading.

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