Experience Curating

Note: This episode is part two of two in the Experience Curating series. Listen to SASM 041 first to get the most out of this one.


Sometimes, you just gotta let loose.

This episode of Smart and Simple Matters was one of those times.

My brain said “Let ‘er rip!” to a bunch of things like:

  • The FAOCAS box analogy (a.k.a. the inspiration for my book cover).
  • Two initial testimonials for Experience Curating's grooviness.
  • How to use awesome tools of the trade like Evernote and LibraryThing.
  • Why I love Excel so much … and still would even if I didn't curate with it.

I also expanded on items like why I live/love this quote so much:

Without a filter, a man is just chaos walking. – Patrick Ness

[Tweet that]

But as much as I enjoy the “why” and “what” of Experience Curating, I realize that some people just want to know how to do the damn thing.

So this episode is all about how to get your Experience Curating on!

How about it? Have you already gotten your Experience Curating on?

You're about to Learn …

  • How to spend 0.1% of your time maximizing the other 99.9%.
  • Why Experience Curating is descriptive, not prescriptive.
  • Who owns your Facebook experiences … and it's not only you.
  • Why FAOCAS is like a box (a seriously awesome one).
  • What the building blocks, road signs, glue, and river of Experience Curating are.
  • The simplicity of the “Everywhere Doctrine” and how to use it.
  • How to avoid the “Click here! I'm awesome!” trap.
  • Why Evernote rocks (and sucks) for curating.
  • What the killer apps of spreadsheets are.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [02:42] Caveats and quick notes
  • [06:10] Introducing: The FAOCAS framework
  • [08:05] “F” is for Filter
  • [13:46] “A” #1 is for Archive
  • [22:10] “O” is for Organize
  • [31:30] “C” is for Contextualize
  • [34:15] “A” #2 is for Access
  • [35:38] “S” is for Share
  • [45:38] The major curating tool decisions
  • [53:36] Specific curating tools and how to use them
  • [1:07:08] Episode recap

Special Thanks

A big-time special thanks to my wife Melinda for giving me the freedom to express myself in funky ways. And a major shout out to Erin Kurup – the idea architect for Experience Curating – who helped to turn 36,000+ words of crap into something worth reading.

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