SimpleREVDo you know why factory tours are so popular?

Is it because:

  1. We want to see how the sausage is made, even if we say otherwise?
  2. We feel a deeper connection to a creator as we get further behind-the-scenes?
  3. We like free beer?

There's no free beer here. But you'll dig this SimpleREV factory tour and the exciting vision being shared for the first time.

After all, it's all about you.

I go solo in this episode to talk about the grand vision of redefining simple living … SimpleREV style.

How we can be intentional about what we think and do? Where do mindfulness and gratitude hang out?

Why it's so dang important to develop a sense of “enough?” How can we be consumed with something other than consumption?

All these questions can be answered by our community of simple living enthusiasts.

It doesn't hurt to have an amazing framework to build upon, which is what we've found in Jonathan Fields' 18-step process to start non-violent revolutions.

So let's take the SimpleREV factory tour together right now. Make sure to holler if we need to improve the workers, process, and story as you see the challenges, champions, and direction of this simple living movement,.

You're about to Learn …

  • How to declutter your heart, brain, and soul.
  • Why hyper-consumerism and mindlessness are driving us into a ditch.
  • Who the SimpleREV movement is serving (maybe you?).
  • Why simple living is so hard for so many people.
  • What we're rallying against (and will rip to shreds).
  • How to get on Mother Nature's really good side.
  • Why slowing down is so challenging … and so rewarding.
  • How to be motivated by outcome, not income.
  • What we're building to replace “The System.”
  • Why you need to meet Amirah, Rich, and Martha.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [00:24] The SimpleREV vision and framework initial context
  • [06:21] SimpleREV avatar: Amirah (a.k.a. the Kool-Aid drinker)
  • [11:49] SimpleREV avatar: Rich (a.k.a. needs to drink the Kool-Aid)
  • [19:05] SimpleREV avatar: Martha (a.k.a. the simplicity champion)
  • [20:23] What our shared oppression and pain is
  • [24:49] Who is our dictator
  • [30:45] Who is/are our leader(s)
  • [31:32] Our inciting incident
  • [32:34] Our “away from” rallying cry
  • [35:18] Our unifying beliefs
  • [39:30] The world we're moving towards
  • [41:34] The making of the SimpleREV story
  • [42:45] What our manifesto looks like
  • [44:42] Recap of steps 4-10
  • [46:04] Defining the path forward
  • [48:33] Steps 12-18
  • [53:03] Recap

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