Unstuff Your LifeYou're doing something right when you get Oprah, Martha Stewart, and The New York Times' attention.

And that's exactly what Andrew Mellen, my guest on this Smart and Simple Matters episode, has done.

But before there was his best-selling book, Unstuff Your Life!, or his Unstuff U classes, Andrew was just a provocative actor with a messy history.

So how does someone go from being a disorganized kid to being labeled “The Most Organized Man in America?” He's going to tell you the vivid story and help you manage what he calls the “stuff behind the stuff.”

This episode is as packed with insight as the average house, garage, and cabinet are packed with junk. For example:

There's nothing that exempts you from having a meaningful, simple, organized life. – Andrew Mellen

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CEO or artist? The Department of Education or a homeschooler? Andrew has you covered as a man who knows what it means – and takes – to simplify your life.

Let us help you release your stuff, remove some stress, and move about with a newfound freedom.

You're about to Learn …

  • How to use organizing to connect with what matters most to you.
  • The three simple rules behind Unstuff Your Life!
  • How to get relief from the time, space, and stuff crunch.
  • What you might have in common with a Nobel Prize winner.
  • Why you need to resolve the “stuff behind the stuff.”
  • How to remove the physical obstacles to sustainable joy.
  • Why fewer rules are better than more rules (as a general rule).
  • How to carefully use language to craft a new story of your possessions.
  • Why Andrew doesn't care what “enough” looks like to you … if you achieve stuff equilibrium.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Resources:
    • Unstuff U®
    • The Digital Launch Playbook


  • [06:21] Andrew's seeds of awesomeness
  • [08:45] The long path to becoming an organizing expert
  • [14:10] The various pains that Andrew relieves
  • [18:39] The stories that people bring to their “stuff”
  • [23:48] Unstuff Your Life with The Organizational Triangle framework
  • [29:10] The skills of Unstuff U®
  • [34:57] Why anyone can get and stay organized

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