Dee WilliamsIt all started in a small fishing village in Maine …

No, seriously. It did. Well, at least for Mark Sisson.

But how did this former elite endurance runner transform himself into a slow walking, primal living, fat-burning beast? By finding and channeling his inner Grok.

Grok is the poster (wild)child at Mark's Daily Apple – the most popular website of the ancestral health movement – and he shows up often in the 4,000+ articles Mark has published.

Grok represents everything great about Primal living like getting plenty of sleep, enjoying the heck out of nature, and respecting ourselves enough to make wise decisions.

And Grok knows how to invest in himself: the greatest gift his kindred spirit, Mark Sisson, believes you can give (and get).

It's hard to quantify the impact Mark's having on his now massive Primal community. But with instantly best-selling books, a growing business empire, and the integrity of a diamond, I can easily see him meeting his goal of improving the lives of ten million people.

I should probably count as two people for as much as he's helped me eat well, think straight, and add value to the world. I'm grateful that you now get to benefit from him and his insightful questions like:

How would my life be different if I had nothing … or if I had everything? – Mark Sisson

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That's a golden question regardless of if you're into Primal, Paleo, or ancestral health. You'll find his research and worldview refreshing when you hear him talk about, for example, how much sleep he can get away with instead of how little.

It's all about what your genes expect from you and Mark knows some inner switches that your DNA will dig.

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I'm camped out at the crossroads of simple and Primal living. Won't you join me?

You're about to Learn …

  • The single most undervalued, overlooked aspect of your health.
  • How empty relationships make us fill up on junk everywhere else.
  • One great exercise to stay mindful (and grateful).
  • Why you have to “run your race” or face disaster.
  • How to make intuitive choices about what's best for you.
  • What your genes want … and what happens when you let them down.
  • Why you absolutely need to learn Primal science before starting on the path.
  • How to identify the unimportance of information.
  • Why beating yourself up over “unproductive” time is useless.
  • Mark's biggest distraction and how his environment keeps him focused.
  • Why worrying will drag down your day (and maybe even life).
  • How to suck the marrow out of life.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [05:46] Mark's seeds of awesomeness
  • [09:31] Mark's version of being resourceful
  • [12:05] The abundance of digital communication leading to less everywhere else
  • [18:06] The dead-end street of unfair comparison
  • [21:10] The Primal Blueprint overview
  • [24:56] Major diet changes, adjustments, and a leap of faith
  • [29:26] Sleep: you need it
  • [35:30] The importance of silence
  • [38:58] Informational noise and determining what's unimportant
  • [48:18] Details about The Primal Blueprint Expert Certification

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