d'Arcy Lunn Global Citizen

“The village is just as important, if not more important, than the home.” – d'Arcy Lunn


Do you enjoy funny, well-traveled, and inspiring people?

Yeah, me too. Which is why I'm so stoked to present d'Arcy Lunn for your listening pleasure/insight/grooviness.

I was introduced to d'Arcy (pronounced “Dar-cee”) by Donnie Maclurcan of the Post Growth Institute and, ever since then, he and I have been members of the Mutual Appreciation Society.

More than that, our conversation was dazzling … and I believe you'll agree.

This fella has so many amazing stories (some of them from the world's most remote places). And now you get his first-hand report of what it's like to live on $1.50 U.S. a day, how the battle to eradicate polio is going, and much more.

I was privileged to spend time in developing countries … and that's where I got to see humans be human. – d'Arcy Lunn

If you're looking to hone your attention to intention, discover how someone builds a self-sustaining tiny house in fourteen days, why crazy is the new normal, and want to understand one of the simplest, most powerful formulas on the planet, give this episode a few laps around your grey matter.

And speaking of matter – I'm 100% serious about this – you matter. I matter. And according to d'Arcy:

We're all just as important and insignificant as everyone else. – d'Arcy Lunn

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You're about to Learn …

  • How d'Arcy lived on $1.50 a day … for five weeks … cycling around North America.
  • Why active, global citizens are so content (and how you can be one too).
  • How to hone your “attention to intention.”
  • Why crazy is the new normal.
  • How d'Arcy built a solar-powered, self-sufficient tiny house in fourteen days.
  • How d'Arcy educated 30,000 people with 400 presentations over 14 years.
  • Why individualism gives him the heebie-jeebies.
  • How to use the powerful formula: Gift + Passion = Change.
  • How Brunei's students are helping immunize Pakistan's students against polio.
  • The value in connecting via empathy instead of sympathy.
  • Why d'Arcy thinks I'm a “wonderful piece of fertilizer.”
  • The 1,000 km walk around Japan that sparked Teaspoons of Change.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [05:56] d'Arcy's seeds of awesomeness
  • [09:46] Not following the “garden path” to start exploring your own back yard
  • [12:51] The richness of learning from other cultures
  • [18:58] d'Arcy's insight from giving 400 presentations across the globe
  • [22:26] Building a self-sufficient tiny house in fourteen days
  • [26:19] Where just enough meets plenty
  • [29:53] Experiences and organizations about eradicating polio
  • [36:14] The Global Poverty Project and their wonderful projects
  • [44:00] Allowing for maximum human contact and impact
  • [44:57] Teaspoons of Change

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