Simple TipsDo you ever feel that a simple, intentional life demands an off-grid cabin in the woods?

Does the explosion of emails, phone notifications, and social commitments make your head want to go “Ka-Boom?!”

Hey, I've been there. Heck, I still am there sometimes. But there's hope for you, me, and everyone else. Because this episode covers five of my best tips to reclaim your simple living birthright.

I was going to write five blog posts – one for each tip – but then I decided to combine them into one rock 'em sock 'em podcast episode instead.

Is that decision due to the deep freeze in my future blogging plans? Why yes … yes it is. I announce why I'm stopping the blogging on Value of Simple, but more importantly, what's going to replace it.

Crank up the show and catch those details, plus some other important announcements (SimpleREV 2015 and a new Experience Curating anyone?).

You won't regret letting me into your ears as I reveal some groovy goodness coming from between my ears.

You're about to Learn …

  • The surprising social norms of the most intentional, grateful, and inspiring people.
  • How to change a culture from “Go! Go! Go!” to “Slow, slow, slow.”
  • Why your slice of simple is ready for you, right here and right now.
  • The benefits of a practical, counter-intuitive principle I call, “Simplify by being a jerk.”
  • How to reduce the stress and volume of texts, tweets, blips, and bleeps.
  • My best tip to double dip in simplicity and Experience Curating.
  • Why you can't wait for life to slow down.
  • How I use Evernote to capture amazing experiences.
  • Why you can't win an “I love you!” contest.
  • What's more crazy pants than trying to impress people with money.
  • Why 10 thank yous are better than a million dollars.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [02:43] What's ahead in 2015 for Joel
  • [05:40] The overview of my five intentional, simple tips
  • [06:53] The “right here, right now” principle
  • [11:52] How to simplify by being a jerk
  • [16:17] Noticing and absorbing the social norms of simple living pros
  • [19:14] Better ways to excite people than money
  • [22:22] The double dip tip: “Wait a minute … “
  • [27:38] The episode recap and some important announcements

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