Aaron KennardLet's not mess around, folks. We have some thought-provoking and action-inducing questions to consider right now. For example:

  • Is it possible to find euphoric joy in immense pain?
  • Can you truly eliminate bad days forever?
  • How would your world change if you believed that everything is conspiring for your benefit?

This Smart and Simple Matters episode features a man, Aaron Kennard of Truly Amazing Life, who has powerfully answered these questions.

Actually, if you look at his Twitter bio, he says, “Go ahead … ask me how I know.” So I took him up on his offer and it turned into one of the most mind-bending episodes around.

It's a story-filled – and often painful adventure – that starts with Aaron retelling the tale of chopping off his finger in high school and the surprising after-effects. But the pain gets much worse before he ends his suffering, intensifies his gratitude, and skyrockets his compassion … permanently.

You'll hear Aaron quote wise words like this, but he's full of original insight, too:

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. – Napoleon Hill

We explore how your life would change if you could genuinely think – and even say – I love you to anyone at any time. And we …

Actually. You know what? Now's a great time to get-to-listenin' instead of continuin'-the-readin'.

Just press “Play” and don't miss Aaron's time-sensitive gift to you to get his book, Affirm Your Truth, for free.

You're about to Learn …

  • How Aaron decided – yes, decided – to never have a bad day again.
  • The key difference between pain and suffering (and how to separate them).
  • Why empowering habits start as one small, simple act.
  • How to have exhilarating joy in the midst of immense pain.
  • What helped Aaron keep it together when his eight-year-old son was suicidal.
  • How to use discomfort as a trigger to practice gratitude.
  • A seed of compassion for everyone and everything.
  • The easy way to launch into a “frenzy of gratitude.”
  • Why (and when) mentally saying “I love you” to anyone is shockingly potent.
  • The meaning of “Ho’oponopono” and its ability to mend relationships.
  • Why feeling grateful is even better than being grateful.



Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [05:03] Aaron's seeds of awesomeness
  • [09:47] The evolution of a “there’s never a bad day” mindset
  • [21:51] The simple diet change that eliminated Aaron's pain
  • [25:45] A small, simple process for amazing growth (with great examples)
  • [30:49] Getting yourself into a frenzy of gratitude
  • [32:39] A seed of compassion for everyone and everything
  • [37:57] How to get Affirm Your Truth for free (time-sensitive)

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