Morning RitualsWhat can happen in five glorious years of a personal renaissance?

Apparently a ton.

Publishing this SASM episode marks the five-year anniversary of my personal renaissance – my term for a rapid and expansive inner evolution – and it's been a heckuva ride.

So I'm inviting you to celebrate this milestone with me. Let's pay tribute together to the role that amazing individuals or communities can have in our lives. You might hear me say “I” a lot in this episode, but really, it's all about you.

My wedding day, the birth of my sons, the time I almost had an in-the-park home run in Little League … few memories are as vivid as the transformational day I started my personal renaissance. And with it, ended arbitrary, selfish, money-hungry Joel's thirty-year reign as the driver of my mind, body, and spirit.

I've done some radical experiments, folks. I've seen some crazy schtuff, my friend. And it's a willingness to embrace uncertainty like an octopus giving its favorite person a hug that has made the difference.

Are you ready to hear all about my first (and horrible) blog, Enlightened Resource Management, why I “put it all in a spreadsheet,” and some funky mindsets?

Care to swim through the birth of Value of Simple and this here Smart and Simple Matters show, how events can transform you and the people around you in an instant, and my favorite communities that you may want to get in on, too?

Let's learn together and break it down like a clown on a joy ride around town.

You’re about to Learn …

  • What my all-time boldest experiment is (and will probably always be).
  • The first and biggest step I took to avoid deadbeat dad status.
  • Why doing meaningful work – for fun, for profit, or to selflessly change the world – is your right.
  • What put selfish, arbitrary, and greedy Joel into permanent retirement.
  • Which communities have transformed me … and might shape you, too.
  • How podcasting can help you make amazing friends.
  • Why I created Enlightened Resource Management (and why it's toast).
  • Some wild speculation about the future of my personal renaissance.
  • How to rock your Continuous Creation Challenge (the “CCC,” baby!).
  • The 2017 event that has me super stoked.
  • How the SimpleREV vision has changed in only 18 months.
  • Why my next solo episode will be about my failures (moral, ethical, and otherwise).

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


      • [04:03] The genesis of my personal renaissance
      • [08:48] My first radical experiments (freak-outs optional)
      • [22:17] Here comes Value of Simple, our declaration, and SASM
      • [26:09] How attending events opened up a whole new world
      • [31:29] I get into organizing events and … whoa
      • [38:31] The amazing communities I recommend and why
      • [43:15] Wild speculation about my next five years

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