Sean RogersLet's talk water.

But not the kind you drink or that falls from the sky.

Let's talk about the water you can kayak on.

Ooooooh … yeah. Can you feel your stress melting away and your connection with nature going crazy?

This episode's guest – Sean Rogers of Flotilla Flagship – is a self-proclaimed “Ambassador of Water” and I totally get it. You'll hear all about his plans to get people into self-service kayaks across the United States … but really? It's the reason why he's so passionate about kayaking that's super groovy.

I met Sean in Austin, TX at the 2015 South by Southwest festival – just two fellas at a millennial entrepreneurs meetup (clearly only fulfilling one of the key demographics) with the drive to slow down, be intentional, and simplify.

I was talking about this whole SimpleREV dealio and he decided it was interesting enough to come over for a chat. Wanna guess how long it took me to know that he should be on Smart and Simple Matters?

Oh … about three minutes. You'll understand what I was drawn to pretty dang quick when you crank up this episode.

He radiates warmth, gratitude, and intensity like few other people I've met. You can feel it when he's around and you can hear it in his words, too.

I go looking for challenges because, if not, challenges will come looking for me. – Sean Rogers

Shall I go on? I think I shall:

Kayaking [disconnects you from] your normal world and reconnects you with nature. It's a reconnection of what we feel inside when we're joyful. – Sean Rogers

Are you ready for his abundance and the abundance from the water? Why yes. Yes you are. So let's do it!

You’re about to Learn …

  • How to transform gratitude from just a word into a mindset.
  • What really makes up your personal and cultural identity.
  • How Sean's “reverse outsider” perspective has helped in surprising ways.
  • Why Sean is always looking for a bigger diving board.
  • How to find gold when life piles on the clay.
  • Why the creative adult is the child that survived.
  • Why self-love is a life-long journey (and can get easier every day).



Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:


  • [05:37] Sean's seeds of awesomeness
  • [10:07] The key books that transformed Sean
  • [13:24] What happens when you get into the gratitude mindset
  • [15:53] The origins of Flotilla Flagship and a new way to kayak
  • [26:07] The story of the Golden Buddha
  • [29:20] How Sean practices self-love and his gratitude journal
  • [34:52] How you can get involved with Flotilla Flagship

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