Tsh Oxenreider and The Art of SimpleIt was only a matter of time before The Art of Simple collided with the Value of Simple.

And here we are with Tsh Oxenreider, Mrs. The Art of Simple, and me, Mr. Value of Simple, making verbal magic happen for you.

Tsh has been a prominent voice for simple-living, gratitude, and generosity for years – meaning she's been interviewed by lots of folks already. So I wanted to ask her some questions that she hasn't fielded before … and we have some dandies for you!

She's too humble to try and impress you, but I have a feeling you'll feel mighty impressed after this stellar chat. Here's just one pearl of wisdom from this NPR-featured, Compassion International and podcasting super-star:

“Having a simple life isn't the absence of stuff. It's the stuff in my life that's pointed towards my purpose.” – Tsh Oxenreider

Find your play icon and click it fast so you can slow down, get grateful, and enjoy some chuckles right now.

You're about to Learn …

  • How pretending to move overseas can help you deeply declutter.
  • Why simple-living can be as simple as living holistically with your life's purpose.
  • Where to find freedom when you're tethered to your town.
  • Some surprising preparations for global travel and “world schooling” your kids.
  • The poems that help Tsh slow down and be most grateful.
  • Why the original Winnie The Pooh book deserves to be read (even by adults).
  • The strange correlation between online time and gratitude time.
  • How Tsh has upgraded her smells from hot cabbage to pine trees.



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Timestamps and Topics

  • [06:07] Tsh's seeds of awesomeness
  • [11:49] What simple-living means to Tsh
  • [17:03] Exploring life's purpose (mine, Tsh's, and probably yours, too)
  • [23:11] Preparations for a global family tour and “world schooling”
  • [25:53] Details on Tsh's family and individual gratitude rituals
  • [29:47] Tsh's non-negotiables
  • [34:54] What's making Tsh happy right now (as of November 2015)
  • [36:44] What's fascinating Tsh right now (as of November 2015)

Extra Gratitude and Special Mentions

Here's an extra dose of love to Desiree who showed her love and wrote this recent iTunes review:

“I recently went through a huge life shift and discovered Joel's podcast while I was sifting through the ashes. I've since downloaded almost every episode and I can honestly say he has helped me find my direction and enabled me to tap into my inner resources.

It's not only the topics and guests – it's his unfailing honesty and optimism. Thanks Joel!”

Wow, Desiree. That's powerful stuff and I receive it with gratitude. You and what you shared are tree-mend-us!

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