I knew what I had to do … even before I arrived at the World Domination Summit this July.

And when Joshua Becker asked me at WDS, “Joel, do you think there should be a simplicity event somewhere?” I instantly replied, “Oh, heck yes!”

I had already been thinking about a national simplicity event for months, amazed (amazed!) that such a thing didn't exist. How could something as profound and growing as the simplicity movement not have an event for its community to rally around?

The kind of assembly that would welcome the diverse spectrum of minimalists and simplicity seekers. A place where relationships would blossom, problems would be identified, solutions could be worked on, and influence would be spread.

I knew what I had to do.

I needed to start this major simplicity event.

All the fantastic folks in our simple living revolution were desperate for a live, in-person gathering.

And after many conversations with family, friends, and some prominent voices in simplicity circles, it's time to publicly declare:

I am organizing an event to revive and revolutionize simplicity as the core of human fulfillment. It's time to rev up simple living!

Are you ready for SimpleREV?

The SimpleREV Vision

I know plenty of people who are rocking the simplicity landscape. But for every simplifier, I know at least twenty that are oblivious to the mission (or worse, are actively fighting against it).

That's a shame. Simple living is at the heart of what has brought health, happiness, and purpose for 99.99% of humanity's existence.

All humans have a natural drive to be consumed with something other than consumption.

All people want to remove what's useless to pursue the truly useful.

Consumer-driven culture directly conflicts with simple living. And as that culture advances, complexity seeps in alongside a narrative that you or what you do aren't “enough.”

But there's an antidote to having advertisers or invisible social norms control your decisions. There is an alternative to drinking from polluted sources that make us chase money or prioritize “stuff” over people and experiences.

It's called simplicity.

You may already know this. And if you do, then I definitely want you involved in SimpleREV.

If you don't know the joys of intentional living yet, I still want you on board.

Every person gets to decide how or when they will revive, revolutionize, and rev up simplicity through SimpleREV. Your menu of choices will be as large as the simplicity movement is wide.

Imagine the celebration, advocacy, legitimacy, problem-solving, community-building, and motivation that will come from freely mixing simplicity resource creators with quietly intentional (and passionate) believers.

Wow. Won't this be incredible?!

The SimpleREV Framework


I envision three primary event tracks for:

  • Creators like bloggers, authors, artists, podcasters or video producers.
  • Transitioners just about to unlock their creative potential or a new relationship with simplicity.
  • Harmonizers that are humbly – but powerfully – practicing simplicity.

I picture conversations about:

  • Why minimalism empowers fulfilling work (and not just for the self-employed).
  • How parents can practice simplicity in a disruptive consumer culture.
  • Healthier connections to money through debt reduction, easy budgeting, and simple investing.
  • Growing spiritually-based simplicity via religion, meditation, yoga, and more.
  • How to wield technology tools for empowered (instead of enslaved) Internet use.
  • Relationship challenges like toxic relationships, saying “no,” and how to surround yourself with other simple living advocates.
  • How to increase awareness – personal and global – for reducing our collective environmental impact.
  • Dealing with a chaotic workplace or family member's environment.
  • Unconventional choices from tiny houses to the science of happiness (and much more).

This event will be serious, but it will also be seriously fun.

Picture an energized community engaging before SimpleREV even starts through forums, local meet-ups, and their own ideas.

Picture an environment where people don't simply take notes about the rousing words of others. They come to act, participate, and create change.

I've read that I should allow a year (or more) to pull off an event like this for hundreds of people. My own event spreadsheet – with its massive checklist of tasks – knows the challenge of lining up speakers, reserving a venue, marketing to people that doesn't like be marketed to, and more.

There are many unknowns right now. But I can tell you that this is going down for 48 memorable hours in fall 2014 in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota metro area.

It's happening at a venue you won't expect, and will feature some of the biggest and brightest voices anywhere in minimalism and simplicity.

There will be wisdom shared on simple eating, minimalist technology, simple parenting, external and internal decluttering, and emotional attachments. There will be stories about the right relationship with money, meaningful work, intentional living mindsets, simplicity through spirituality, environmental impacts, easy and effective exercising, and collaborative consumption.

I can see the people of SimpleREV smiling, laughing, hugging, encouraging, motivating, and sharing insight over a meal. I can see the many currents running through this event already playing out.

Gratitude. Contentment. Abundance.

Clarity of purpose. Intentional living.

Connection. Collaboration. Community.

Self- and global-awareness. Compassion. Freedom.

Humility. Influence. Empowerment.

But you know what?

SimpleREV needs your help to realize the vision.

How to Help

There are a few quick ways that you can help me, help yourself, and help others get cranking with SimpleREV:

  • Subscribe to the event mailing list.
  • Email some friends with a link to this article or to

SimpleREV is going to happen. How successful and fun it will be depends on you.

So get ready for a simple revolution, revival, and to rev up simplicity!


P.S. Pick at least one helpful action before closing this page. This event isn't about me … it's for people like you.

P.P.S. I'd love your help identifying relevant speakers and workshop leaders, fundraising (because even simple events require big money), making suggestions for SimpleREV experiences, and volunteers to assist with logistics, marketing, website development, graphic design, or general event coordination tasks.


Photo Credit: Paul L Dineen, Robert Benner