A Simple Path

“The prizes of our society are reserved for outer, not inner, achievements. Scant are the trophies given for reconciling all the forces that compete to direct our development.” – Gail Sheehy

I could not wait to press publish on this post!

I've been excited for months for this moment.

What was previously Enlightened Resource Management is now the website you see here:

Value of Simple

And I'm your thrilled tour guide for a new source of skills, inspiration, and action for you and those you care about.

I passionately believe you'll find value in the new focus on what I do and know best: simplifying, organizing, personal finance, and helping people find their reasons for making big, positive changes.

The Simple Mission of Value of Simple

Everything done at Value of Simple is primarily related to this:

“Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

I have a profound belief that as our wants and needs multiply, our lives get needlessly complicated…and then we suffer enormously.

Simplifying is not the only cure for chaos and unwanted complexity. But it's the cure I know best.

Imagine your life stripped down to the things and people you truly care about. As a result, competing priorities for your time, money, and talent have been managed masterfully.

I'm not aiming for a minimalist paradise here. Some minimalist concepts are borrowed to show the power behind adding more simple and organization to your life. But I'm not asking you to live a life of intentional scarcity.

I want everyone to understand how much better life can be the more simplified and organized it becomes.

Simplifying and organizing are perfect tools for getting more (or less) of what you need. The value in achieving them comes in ways you can expect – more time, money, and respect or less fear and stress – and in ways you can't predict…like more confidence and happiness.

But nobody said adding more simple is easy.

There will be some short-term awkwardness, discomfort, and vulnerability along the way. We'll limit these by starting small, but as the goals grow larger, the barriers become bigger.

Don't worry. You won't be alone in acquiring the tools to break down walls built up around you.

This isn't just me and you working together to liberate the things you want to set free.

You'll see stories from other people – famous and successful as well as obscure but effective – spread all across Value of Simple. Your confidence in starting and finishing your goals around simplifying and organizing will blossom with each person you see achieving what most of us have only dreamed about.

Since you've made it this far, some of these principles should be resonating with you:

  • One small change can lead to big changes over time.
  • Life is easier, cheaper, and happier when we need less and minimize our desires.
  • Feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable make keeping new habits and learning new skills tough.
  • Positive change is faster and more rewarding when connected to a belief or movement larger than yourself.

Do you feel the promise in one or more of these principles?

You're not alone. A lot of us do. And a lot of us will discover the promise for ourselves at Value of Simple.

My Welcome Message to You

The themes in my welcome video will look familiar if you've already been to the About page on Value of Simple. If you haven't checked out the page yet, please do.

This new website will heavily feature audio and video content so I thought it was appropriate to create a short, two-minute welcome video to tell you what I have to offer.

Note: The video is outdated and unavailable as of 12/15/2015.

Notes About the Transition

Fear not long-time readers of Enlightened Resource Management (ERM).

All the greatest hits from the ERM days are still available.

But it's time to refocus my energy and resources on a greater purpose than what ERM was offering. A purpose that gives you valuable tools to add more simple to your life.

The change is seamless for all the current email and RSS subscribers. But this means ERM is now retired here and other places on the Internet

If you want the full origin story of Value of Simple (VoS), read it here.

I'm Super Happy You're Here!

I made it clear on the Start Here page that I'm genuinely excited you're here!

This is not just my new beginning. I really want it to be yours too.

I'm on a mission to equip as many people as possible with the skills, tools, and resources they need for just a little more simple (or all they can handle).

New people join our quest every day and we're only just getting started.

Join for free here if you want to pick up our quest to liberate our time, money, talent…and more.

And if you know someone who should be part of this community but isn't yet, please send them a link to this article.

Now is a great time to explore Value of Simple and I'm pumped up to hear what you think of the place!

Welcome to our quest! There are huge things to come for all of us.

Take it away Albert.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein.

Your partner in simplifying,

~ Joel Zaslofsky

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