Time to Take Charge


Here … We … Go!

I don't understand why we do what we do. Then find out right now.

Is materialism inefficient? We all know the answer deep down.

I don't know how to stop judging people. Now you do.

Am I voting for poverty when I do [specific action]? Let's hope not … but hope doesn't let us know for sure.

Is chasing money really worse than a dog chasing a car? Hands-down, yes.

Why do you dislike Facebook so much? This about sums it up. That, and they sell pictures of kids for money.

Can simplifying really help me focus on what's important? I'm convinced. Are you?

Is my anxiety, perfectionism, sleep-deprivation, or mindlessness a choice? It depends on how much you see yourself in this story.

Will somebody please help me organize “this?” Yeah, a lot of people can help you with “that.”

Simplifying myself is hard enough. But what about the rest of my family? Anyone can have a simple life together.


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– Joel

Advice column idea and format is courtesy of Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness. Thanks, Steve!