Disclaimer and Disclosure


Transparency is a core value of mine and I hope you appreciate it, too.

Helping others simplify, build community, and be authentic comes with its challenges. But it's never challenging to value the trust you put in me and what I create.

So here's my disclaimer: any income generated from this website goes directly to keeping it ad-free, sponsor-free, reinvesting in its content and infrastructure, donated to my partner charity, or helps my family thrive within our minimalist means.

But there's more to disclose than just financial transparency.

No Tricks, No Tomfoolery: How Your Information Is Gathered and Used

  • Any personal information you provide – like your name or email address – is used only by me (Joel Zaslofsky) to communicate directly with you.
  • I will never gather information about you without you opting-in and knowing you're providing it.
  • Information provided is used to help me know this community more and better meet its needs. I can only create, maintain, and distribute this (mostly free) content by understanding who is a part of the community.
  • I do not share personally identifiable information with affiliates or vendors who assist in helping me provide content, products, and services.
  • I do not share your information with marketers or sell it to anyone.

My Personal Commitment to You

If I endorse or recommend someone's product or service, it's because I've personally used it or firmly believe it will have value for you. Any recommendation I might make or any affiliate link I might place requires absolutely no obligation from you. I repeat: You have zero obligation to ever buy something through a link on this website.

My Products and Services

I make no claim that any product or service I directly provide is going to be life-altering for you. While being humble, I can honestly say that what I create is based on a level of knowledge and skill that can be very valuable to you.

Affiliates and Affiliations

There are some great people and solid companies offering valuable things on the Internet. Highlighting them, regardless of who benefits financially (if at all), is important. Which is why I will constantly call attention to them.

However, like everything in life, your experience may vary. So please don't spend money on something you feel won't truly help you reach your goals. I'm incredibly selective about promoting other people's products and services and, if it's value is even slightly in question, you won't see it linked to here.

Note: If there's a link on this website that leads you to another website where you can buy something, you should assume it's an affiliate link (even though most links here aren't affiliate links). An affiliate link means I may earn a small commission if you purchase something on the website you're sent to.

This website is almost entirely reader, listener, and patron-supported. And any small amount earned through an affiliate link helps keep this ad-free and sponsor-free.

Wrapping It Up

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about what you just read, please contact me. And always know that I'm grateful for your time, attention, and support!