How the Modern Simplicity Movement Thrives with Dan Hayes – SASM 125

Dan Hayes and Joel Zaslofsky Combined Picture

You're about to Learn ...

  • Which of Dan’s five life pillars underpins the rest.
  • How to be a strong believer without an organized belief system.
  • Why a walk can be better for your head than your body.
  • How the origins of our modern simplicity movement started with the Industrial Revolution.
  • How Dan and his wife lived in 40 square feet for seven months.

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Timestamps and Topics

  • [04:54] The transition from podcasting to other things
  • [12:52] The tradeoffs in moving from the big city to a small town
  • [18:02] How Dan’s five life pillars have guided him
  • [25:22] Habits and food that power Dan’s day-to-day
  • [29:12] The origins of the Roycroft movement
  • [42:57] How the spirit of Roycroft is alive and well today

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