My 12 Favorite Podcast Episodes Ever – SASM 128

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You're about to Learn ...

  • What wins the water wars: distilled, reverse osmosis, tap, or spring water.
  • Why your light environment is more important than food, exercise, and sleep.
  • How grief is culturally learned and when empathy isn’t serving anyone.
  • How to masterfully train your dog (and avoid your dog training you).
  • Why your shoes might be the source of pain almost anywhere in your body.
  • Why Experience Curating is more about living your best life than having a better memory.
  • How hunter gatherers understood and practiced community way better than us.
  • Which sixteen words of the U.S. Constitution might determine the future of our politics.
  • How to grow food anywhere and build community everywhere.
  • Why you’ll actively budget if you respect your values and priorities.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode

Timestamps and Topics

  • [03:41] How I decided to frame the episode
  • [09:00] The Model Health Show 024: ReWild Yourself With Daniel Vitalis
  • [12:57] Financial Mentor 005: How To Budget Your Way To Wealth with Jesse Mecham
  • [15:08] Evan Brand 269: Dr. Jack Kruse on 5G, EMF, and Moving South
  • [20:52] Buddhist Society of Western Australia: A Different Perspective On Empathy | Ajahn Brahm
  • [25:35] Read and click links in these show notes! 🙂
  • [26:12] Remarkably Human 002: Outsource Your Memory & Curate Your Life with Joel Zaslofsky
  • [27:45] Let's Know Things 000: Contextualism & China
  • [33:02] The Tim Ferriss Show: Susan Garrett – Master Dog (and Human) Trainer
  • [34:51] Rewild Yourself 140: The Barefoot Podiatrist with Dr. Ray McClanahan
  • [39:31] Rewild Yourself 088: Why We Need Community with Arthur Haines
  • [44:42] More Perfect: One Nation, Under Money
  • [47:13] The Model Health Show 121: Changing Our Relationship With Food, Overcoming Bulimia, And Recipes That Will Change Your Life with George Bryant
  • [49:34] How to Grow Food Anywhere and Build Community Everywhere with Eugene Cooke – SASM083
  • [51:39] Recap

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